Billions season 4 episode 12 (finale) spoilers: Everything changes

BillionsAs we look ahead towards Billions season 4 episode 12 on Showtime next week, there is one key question worth wondering: How far will Axe go? He’s facing an opportunity to take down Taylor once and for all, and he seems eager to take advantage of the opportunity. That is, after all, why he makes the comment that he does about the armor on tonight’s episode. He’s ready for whatever he has to do next … and he doesn’t seem to care what the consequences are. It’s certainly the sort of thing that could cheer up Wendy given that she doesn’t have a medical license anymore.

This is an episode that could be about revenge … but we don’t know how you can be confident that Axe’s plan is going to work exactly like he thinks that it will. There will be some unexpected snags, the sort that come about when someone starts to play in these sort of shark-infested waters. Axe sometimes is the most effective when he’s angry and putting all of his cards on the table, but he’s also the most reckless. That’s why, entering this finale, we could easily see some of his plans backfiring. The same goes for Wendy, who may be relishing her chance to have a drink and try to live in the moment now … but times could be changing. As a matter of fact, go ahead and assume that times will change — and they’ll change in a big way. That’s often just what tends to happen with this show. Whoever thought that we would’ve been in the position that we are entering this season? It’s been surprising, but that has been a big part in what made it great.

Below, CarterMatt offers up the official Billions season 4 episode 12 synopsis with some more insight on what’s coming:

Axe makes a big decision. Connerty gets closer to the truth. Tensions rise, and dynamics shift. Season Finale

So what else could be coming at the moment? Well, we know that there’s a war at the moment between Jeffcoat and Chuck Rhoades, and that’s probably going to hit full boil now that we’ve seen him try to take on Chuck’s father with less than favorable results. The Rhoades family is a tough nut to crack, but that doesn’t mean that Chuck is going to find the victory that he so seeks. There could be some unexpected stumbles here along the way.

No matter what transpires, go ahead and remember that there’s going to be another crazy twist coming up … and it’s one that should set up season 5 rather brilliantly.

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