Big Brother 21 promo discussion, rumors: Are there any takeaways?

Big Brother 21Come Tuesday, June 25, the premiere of Big Brother 21 is going to be here … but we do think that we’re right smack in the middle of the promotional season! This is when the rumor mill goes crazy, where everyone in the entire franchise is supposedly appearing, and when we try to parse every little detail that we possibly can from how CBS is promoting the show.

So are there any key takeaways that we can offer right now? Well, first and foremost, we’d say that this isn’t going to be All-Stars. If it were, CBS would probably want to go ahead and promote it like such. We don’t foresee any reason for them to shy away from that since they would want to get people excited. The promos out there hype up “total strangers” being a part of the season and with that in mind, we want to think that there will be a lot of newbies. Returning players all have a chance to know each other beforehand!

We’ve heard all sorts of rumors already over the past couple of weeks, whether it be talk of it being half newbies/half returnees or maybe just a handful of people similar to season 13 or season 14. We think that a season 14 structure would be more likely just because a ton of people out there don’t want to see duos just come in and wreck the house. Ideally, it’d be better to not see any returnees at all if possible — there’s just no need for them in a show that is about discovery!

So why even consider casting them? We think that for CBS, it eliminates some risk — if you can bring in someone who you know people will get behind, it helps you in case the rest of the cast flops. Yet, doing this almost helps to ensure the rest of the cast flops since it takes attention away from them. Big Brother 20 was a pretty fun season, and the all-newbie structure of it is probably a big reason why. Also, the houseguests they cast were dynamic and interesting. They’re not all gonna be winners, but you need to have faith in your casting.

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How canon are preseason promos?

We don’t really think all that much. We’d take away that there are new houseguests coming based on what’s been put out there and that’s about it. It is nice to see a smaller representation of Big Brother 16 on them as of late, and we’re glad that CBS seems to be finally putting that season to bed. The only real takeaway from a promo is that it’s designed to get you excited about the show. They don’t want to reveal too much just out of fear of exposing a part of the game too soon.

When could the cast reveal be?

Nothing’s 100% just yet, but we’re wagering probably early on the week of June 17 — that’s typically around when they like to do it leading into the season. We’ll be back with a LOT of discussion leading into it, so rest assured of that.

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