‘Shark Tank’ review: The Spatty, Spatty Daddy, Wired Waffles, and Marz Sprays

There were some interesting products that were pitched during Friday night’s new episode of “Shark Tank,” whether it be “pillowcase dresses,” energy food, and even vitamin sprays that send Mark Cuban into a fit of rage.

Cozy Bug – This is a product we are kind of torn on. We like the idea of dresses that young girls can wear for several years, as it is economical and a nice way to still have them wear something fashionable. The downside here? We’re not sure that kids want to wear the same thing for years at a time without getting something new. Daymond John was the big winner here, and it came after a big battle with Lori Greiner.

Wired Waffles – This was really just crazy: an energy drink in waffle form. If you chose to ate this, you would need to buy an energy drink in order to wash it down. It’s just a solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist, and this is something that no one was willing to take a bite of it. Is the idea of putting natural caffeine in food exciting? Definitely, but it’s not nearly as interesting if the food doesn’t taste well or is just not something you would want, and this is what we feel is the case here.

The Spatty / Spatty Daddy – Rarely do we think that the sharks get something wrong, but they did here. This product may have been in the early stages, but it’s brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to save money by purchasing a product that would help you get the remnants of certain substances out of plastic containers? This was sold as something to help people with makeup, but we would actually see using this to get the last bit of mustard out of a bottle. It’s a smart, smart idea, and we are sad that no one wanted to dive into this idea due to it not being far enough along.

Marz Sprays – We’ll start by saying that we would have no interest in buying a spray that gives you vitamins and other health benefits. However, we are not really the sort of market that they are going for here. Mark Cuban called them a “scam” (as we saw in our preview), and this eventually came down to Lori and Kevin O’Leary fighting for a piece of the pie. There was some intense back-and-forth here, but the father/son team behind the product ended up choosing Lori with an interesting buyback option to go along in a second.

What did you think about this episode, and would you buy any of these products? To check out some other products from this episode, be sure to follow the link here.

Photo: ABC

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