Blue Bloods season 10 spotlight: The future for Will Estes’ Jamie Reagan

Blue Bloods season 10

To say that Jamie Reagan had an enormous year on Blue Bloods Season 9 feels like an understatement. Just think about what happened to him! This is the guy that got a promotion, ended up marrying a woman he loves, and seemingly has more respect and success than he ever has before. The presentation of the wedding may have been a little bit controversial (to say the least), but we like to think that in the fictional world of Blue Bloods, he and Eddie had the wedding of their dreams and got precisely all they wanted.

So where do things go from here with the character? That’s what we want to figure out in this week’s Blue Bloods character spotlight! If you didn’t know, every Friday for the immediate future we are going to spotlight, both in written and also video form, what could be coming up for a number of important characters within the world of the show.

In talking about Jamie, the first thing that has to be on the priority list is, of course, seeing what his relationship with Eddie looks like now. Presuming that there is some sort of time jump between season 9 and season 10 (which is certainly possible even if they do give us a little bit more of the wedding), they will have found some sort of comfort level when it comes to their married life. What will that look like? How different will it be from the two of them when they were engaged? It’s going to be interesting to see, especially since they will be spending so much time together. They may not be together at work every second of the day, but they do work around each other and they’re also living around each other. That can be incredibly rewarding, but also rather stressful.

Of course, we do also want to see what Jamie’s professional life is like now that everyone knows that he and Eddie are married. For some reason the writers decided not to tell that story in season 9, but it has to be out there in the world for season 10. There are a couple of landmines that Jamie could be running into here. For example, not everyone is probably going to love being out of the loop on the relationship for so long. Otherwise, Jamie may have to deal with some frustrations from officers you feel like he is giving unfair treatment to his wife, provided she is still working under him.

There is another question to wonder with Jamie on the job, and that is simply whether or not he’s going to be rising through the ranks of the NYPD once more — he was recently promoted to Sargeant, so why not again? We’ve wondered if the end of Blue Bloods would be one of Frank’s sons eventually ascending to the role of commissioner, but it doesn’t appear that deliver anywhere close to that right now. Still, it’s fundamentally an interesting thing to think about, and maybe a decade or so down the line, it could be possible. Jamie is at least a good candidate for it since he plays by the rules and is a pretty strong leader.

Finally, it would just be nice to see a particular adversary for season 10 Jamie that could almost be his version of Luis Delgado. We’ve seen Danny face off against a lot of notable big bads in recent memory, but what about a villain who specifically is targeting Jamie for some reason? What would that look like, and how could it test Will Estes as a performer? We got to see a more romantic side of him and season 9, so maybe it’s time to ratchet up the intensity and give him something entirely different to do with a high-profile guest star. Jamie’s had enemies before, but we want to see the most nefarious one possible.

What do you want to see for Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods season 10? Be sure to share right now in the comments.

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