Lucifer season 5: Tom Ellis reacts to renewal news (video)

LuciferThe big news is currently coursing through the internet — Lucifer has been officially renewed for a season 5, but regrettably, it is the final season.

There are obviously a lot of things to talk about here but, but before we do anything else, let’s just continue to rejoice in the fact that we got here in the first place. This was not a show that at one point looked like it was going to go beyond season 3. There was that long wait after Fox canceled it, and we were extremely grateful and celebratory that Netflix picked it up. That’s not going to change now. Do we think that it could have made it to season 6? Maybe, but still, this is a chance for the show to end on its own accord and for the writers to come up with what is hopefully going to be a fantastic conclusion. (Also,¬†Lucifer¬†was not “canceled” — shame to anyone calling the final-season news that.)

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The renewal news is also something that series star Tom Ellis seems to be very very happy about. In the video below, courtesy of Lucifer’s official Twitter account, you can see the actor have a good time in celebration of the renewal, while also sending a very clear message — “see you in Hell.” That’s a reference presumably to the end of season 4, and likely some sort of starting off point for where season 5 is going to be. We don’t think that all of it is necessarily going to be all about Lucifer in Hell, but this is a chance to show off a different part of its universe and play around in its sandbox for a little while longer.

More than likely, one of the big reasons why was the series has lasted as long as it is has been Ellis — to go along, of course, with the passionate fanbase. This is a guy who has consistently put his best foot forward to promote the show, interacting with fans frequently and attending conventions all over the globe. He was also a big-time champion in the #SaveLucifer movement in order to make sure that there was more of the show at Netflix in the first place. He’s been there for fans through thick and thin, and the fact that he is so excited about the news is infectious. How can we not be excited about it after hearing him, even if we are sad about the currently-expected goodbye?

Alas, there aren’t many more details out there about Lucifer season 5 just yet. Based on the timing of the renewal news, it’s probably fair to assume that it will be out at some point in 2020 … but most of the finer details likely depend on when filming begins and also how many episodes it ends up having. That news was not announced today. (Be sure to head over here to read more from the show’s producers.)

What do you think about Lucifer ending, and about Tom Ellis’ message? Be sure to say or in the comments below. (Photo: Netflix.)

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