Station 19 season 3: How many episodes could it have?

Station 19There are certainly a lot of different questions worth wondering right now when it comes to Station 19, but the episode count for season 3 has to be pretty high up on the list.

Why is that? Just think about the fact that we don’t even know the premiere date. With A Million Little Things taking over the Thursday time slot after Grey’s Anatomy in the fall, it’s certainly possible that Station 19 won’t be returning until we get to around February or March. How many episodes it has exactly is going to depend heavily on how many episodes of A Million Little Things there are, and when the network decides to air them.

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Based on where things are at the moment, though, it’s hard to really bank on more than 15 for the Jaina Lee Ortiz-led firefighter drama. The issue that Station 19 is going to be running into is simply one of time. If it doesn’t start until February or March, there are only so many weeks left in the season in which it can deliver — ABC won’t want to run it past May sweeps. If it starts in February, for example, maybe the series can squeeze in a 2-hour premiere and then air new episodes for the remainder of the season. If it does this, and depending on the timing of them, maybe you could squeeze in another episode or two to get the order up to 17. Remember that The Blacklist season 6 premiered in January, and it was still able to air a whopping 22-episode season. (Granted, there were a lot of weeks in there where NBC aired two hours over the course of a single night.)

If Station 19 premieres in March, however, it’s going to be a little bit harder to put the order over 13. It may even be hard to get the order at 13 at all if it starts in late March. We just want there to be enough stories for us to still be able to dive into this world and these characters in a really exciting manner, and for there to be genuine momentum.

The only way we can reasonably foresee Station 19 premiering in a little bit earlier than this is maybe if ABC decides to ship the first few episodes to a different night of the week. Yet, why would they want to separate it from Grey’s Anatomy? That’s another great question. Another interesting one has to do with when production could actually start. With most shows, we would say that it would start filming around the same time it often does in the summer. After all, you want to leave your options open in case more episodes are ordered later! Yet, if Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 are really going to do a lot of crossovers, it would be hard to do that and have Station 19 start filming in late July. After all, it would be filming episodes for 2020 while Grey’s Anatomy is filming episodes for 2019. How in the world would you make a Station 19 story for 2020 sync up with one for Grey’s Anatomy that probably won’t be written for many more weeks?

How many episodes of Station 19 season 3 do you want to see? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: ABC.)

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