America’s Got Talent: The impact of Joseph Allen’s Golden Buzzer

Joseph AllenOne of the things that we are especially excited to track throughout America’s Got Talent season 14 is the total impact of golden buzzer audition. How far can it carry someone in the early going, and can it make them into a favorite almost overnight? They’re certainly a lot to talk about here, especially in the wake of Joseph Allen’s audition on Tuesday night.

What Joseph brought to the table, first and foremost, was just a lot of energy and inspiration. He’s a guy who you very easily want to root for, and he’s someone who was able to win over the judges in just a matter of minutes. That sort of ambition and excitement are among the reasons why Howie Mandel decided to press the golden buzzer — granted, with his foot, but he still pressed it nonetheless. Joseph is making it to the live shows and the buzzer press still counts the same.

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So how popular is he already in the world of YouTube views? Think along the lines of almost 10 million for his audition in just the span of a day and a half. That’s pretty darn impressive. He still has a ways to go to catch Kodi Lee from last week given that Kodi has over 27 million views at this particular point in time. But, he’s had a lot longer in order to get them.

The most important takeaway from the view count of Joseph’s audition right now is that he does stand more of a chance than maybe we even gave him in the early going of winning this whole thing. Coming out of Tuesday night, we thought he had a very good Golden Buzzer audition, but it didn’t seem to have the same sort of immediate impact on a lot of people on social media that Kodi’s did. Yet, when looking at the views in the traffic in his early popularity, he seems like the sort of guy who’s going to be able to get a lot of devoted fans who want to see and hear more from him, not just within the world of singing. May the corner of social media we were looking at Tuesday night was a little incomplete…

While this isn’t really related to Joseph’s audition directly, there was something interesting we learned over the past few days via the official AGT YouTube. After the auditions, they like to post some other video content featuring some of their acts from the season. They have a new one featuring Joseph (see below), but apparently, at some point between now and when he recorded that video, he hurt his arm. After all, he’s wearing a sling in it. (The easy joke to make is that Terry Crews broke it during the celebration … but of course that didn’t happen.)

What did you think about Joseph Allen’s America’s Got Talent audition? Do you think that he has a good chance of winning? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: NBC.)


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