Queen of the South season 4 episode 1 video: Teresa, Castel meet

Queen of the SouthAfter a pretty long and pretty tiresome wait, Queen of the South season 4 is finally coming on to USA Thursday night with new episodes. In the early days of it, Teresa is going to continue to build her empire. She thinks that she’s going to be in a slightly better place than she’s been, and that she’s got a system around her that seems as though it could be working okay. There are going to be new settings, new associates, and of course some new drama. Of course, to go along with that there are also plenty of faces from the past who will be turning up in some rather unexpected ways.

With this in mind, we now bring you to the latest sneak peek from Thursday night’s episode 1. If you look below, some of what you can see is tension already between Teresa and Castel over whether or not Teresa is getting her supply somewhere outside of a predetermined deal. There’s an established network … so is Teresa working outside of it? Castel shows up in a black car with some heavy security and plenty of questions as to what exactly is going on, and this is something that Teresa should be worried about at least on some level. Anytime someone has suspicions of her, it can come back to bite her in a big way if she doesn’t handle it properly. It’s really just a reminder, more than anything else, that even if she does continue to rise through and build an empire, that doesn’t exactly make her any safer.

As a matter of fact, if you’re going to use the Walter White line of logic here, it could just end up meaning that more and more people want her dead. She has a kingdom, one that is effectively full of usurpers. She’s going to have to find a way to be more insulated, think multiple steps ahead, and make sure those who are working with her don’t turn on her the moment that they feel threatened. After all, Castel is more than capable of making many people shake in their boots.

While this sneak peek may not give you a huge sense of everything with Queen of the South season 4 thematically, we do think it sets the stage fairly well for what could be coming up next. You see and hear some of the evolution of Teresa as a character, but also at the same time, some of what exactly she’s going to be up against. This premiere is going to be electric, and one of the best things is probably just that the writers are not wasting a whole lot of time before getting into the action and the drama. Knowing that they only have so many episodes per season, that makes it so that the sense of urgency is high almost immediately!

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