Queen of the South season 4 premiere joins forces with Pitbull

Queen of the SouthIf you were looking for an added dose of excitement leading into Thursday’s premiere of Queen of the South season 4 on USA, all you have to do is look to the bottom of this article.

If you do just that, what you are going to see is the latest season 4 preview, and it is set to a new song by Pitbull that is themed very much around the show and some of the story that we’re getting. In a new post on Twitter, executive producer Dailyn Rodriguez confirms but the song was a collaboration between Pitbull and the composers for the series, and it will also play during the premiere episode itself. It’s a really cool get for Queen of the South given Pitbull’s fame and notoriety, but beyond just that, it is perfect for the style and substance of what’s going on in this story. This is a show that, despite some solid ratings, never gets all that much in the way of mainstream press. Maybe this is the sort of thing that helps to change that to a certain degree.

Queen of the South season 4 is going to feature once more Teresa doing everything that she can to stabilize and also build her business empire, which of course is so much easier on paper than it is in practice. As we’ve seen before, new players come out of the woodwork and have a tendency to cause a little chaos. That’s still going to be the case now, and you’ll probably see a few characters fearing for their lives. It’s just a part of the nature of wanting to be Queen —  there are so many more people constantly coming for your crown.

Of course, Queen of the South likes to build things so that they’re more and more dramatic over the course of the season. The premiere will certainly be exciting, but it’s going to also set the table for some really dangerous stuff coming down the line. If you haven’t seen any details on it just yet, we recommend checking up the premiere synopsis below:

Teresa expands her business and proves herself to a smuggler who offers her a business opportunity.

This may not be the most in-depth synopsis out there, but we like to think it at least gives you a small sense of what’s coming and how Teresa, even at this point in her empire’s production, still has to prove that she knows what she’s doing to some other people. It’s really all about building connections, and making sure in turn that you’ve got some of the right people on your side.

After hearing this song and checking out some of the story details, are you more excited than ever for Queen of the South season 4? Be sure to let us know in the comments, and also head over to the link here to get some more updates all about the series. We’ll be back with more a little bit later in the week. Photo: USA.

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