The InBetween episode 2 review: How Cassie can help Asante

The InBetweenAs we entered The InBetween episode 2 on NBC Wednesday night, we came bearing a number of questions. Would this show live up to the billing of the premiere, and would we still enjoy the paranormal nature of it?

About 10 minutes into episode 2, the real fulcrum of the show felt pretty clear. The success of The InBetween is going to be based entirely on who they’re able to bring in for these visions and premonitions week after week. Luckily, there was a lot to like about this episode, mostly because the spirit world stuff ended up actually delivering. Also, it wasn’t just about a mechanism to solve a murder case. Instead, it was a way in which to save a young boy in danger — therefore, it’s a suggestion that there will be variety to just about every case we have an opportunity to see.

More so than just recycling the typical case-of-the-week plot, the thing we want to focus on here is the concept of grief. How do you deal with something that has been taken from you? How do you move forward? Because of the sort of stuff that Cassie is going to be dealing with throughout this series, we’ll have a chance to view many of these perspectives through her eyes.

Take, for example, the really bad dude who ended up behind bars for most of the end of the episode. This was a guy who wanted nothing more than revenge over what happened to his family and the person he felt was responsible — basically, he wanted to go eye-for-an-eye. It is pretty clear that what happened was fairly heartbreaking, but at the same exact time, you can’t just use tragedy as an excuse for carnage. It’s just a crutch to keep you from moving on, and it’s certainly not something that is ever going to get you anywhere. This guy let that rage fester in him, leading into the end of the episode. That’s why it was satisfying when Cassie was able to help the Seattle PD ultimately save a life here, and make sure that an innocent wasn’t punished for the actions of another.

As for Damien, you can look at him and see a totally different perspective when it comes to handling grief. We learned near the end of the episode tonight that his fiancee, Sally, has been the coma for quite some time. It’s a painful thing to learn about, especially since it never felt like he was carrying that around with him. Yet, he’s not letting that get to him (at least publicly)and you see him continue to do well in his job. He may be heartbroken, but he’s not taking out that rage on the world.

Meanwhile, Cassie is even offering to use some of her abilities and offered to help Damien speak with Sally a little bit more. That’s another interesting angle of the show’s central twist — Cassie can find ways to help people even beyond just taking on the case of the week stories.

CarterMatt Verdict

What we like so far about The InBetween is that it does have unlimited potential for new elements and mysteries. We are still learning the capabilities of what Cassie can ultimately do, and because the show isn’t really an origin story it can get a little bit muddled and confusing at times.

Yet, the writing is fairly well done, the creepy Peter Rabbit dude makes for an interesting extended storyline (he actually “helped” Cassie tonight), and we like a lot of the actors involved. It’s a show that’s going to grow and develop, and the main thing we hope is just that NBC gives that time. If this show could make it to a second season, it could actually be really fleshed out in an interesting and totally cool way. We just hope that it gets there, given that for summer shows, there are no guarantees.

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