The InBetween episode 3 preview: ‘Where the Shadows Fall’

InBetweenBig surprise for everyone — moving into The InBetween episode 3 airing on NBC is just seven days, things are gonna get creepy. The larger question to ponder is pretty simple: Just how creepy are we talking about here?

More than likely, it’s going to be creepy enough to send some sort of chill down your spine. Through “Where the Shadows Fall,” you will have an opportunity to see and better understand another mystery involving a mysterious spirit. This time around, though, it’s a young boy who seems to be stuck, possibly with unfinished business. (Is it wrong that we’re thinking about everything right now in the terms of the movie Casper? Can’t help it.) We’re going to see through this story Cassie do what she can to help him, while of course battling her own demons and the feeling that she may be in too deep. While it’s abundantly clear at this point that Cassie knows the spirit world and has for some time, it can still throw her for a loop.

For a few more details, be sure to check out the official The InBetween episode 3 synopsis below.

06/12/2019 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday) : Cassie (Harriet Dyer) visits the hospital where Damian’s (Justin Cornwell) fiancée is being treated and encounters the spirit of a young boy who needs her help. Her efforts to unravel the mystery of his death, and why he is trapped in the InBetween, lead her to world of spirits that might be more than she can handle. TV-14 LV

So what is the largest question that you have to wonder at present? If we could make an argument on it, it’s probably tied to where this season is going — and if there’s any one thing that we should be watching out for in terms of the finale. We think that Cassie’s obviously going to have a hard road ahead for her, but she’s been able to communicate with spirits for a while — presumably then, she’s been down hard roads before.

This is why we’re moving forward towards this: Why is The InBetween existing now? What makes this part of Cassie’s extraordinary life different from any other? That’s something that the show still does need to look at to some degree. We are still early on in this season, so we would assume that this is a question we’ll get a formal answer on some time … we’re just starting to prepare ourselves accordingly for it now. The most important thing is probably just that we continue to enjoy The InBetween as a series. So long as we’re getting that, there’s a reasonably good chance that we’ll feel a certain degree of story payoff on the other side (pun intended).

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