Poldark season 5: Aidan Turner, cast gather for BFI screening

Poldark season 4We’re slowly starting to close in on the Poldark season 5 premiere, or at least that is the case for some of the fine folks over in the UK. With that in mind, it’s screening season!

We’ve written recently about a big screening event that is going to be taking place a little bit later this month in Cornwall, which makes sense to do given that without Cornwall, Poldark wouldn’t be anywhere near the same. Today, though, there was a special BFI screening for the premiere that featured a number of cast members for a panel after the fact — think along the lines of Aidan Turner (Ross), Elisse Chappell (Morwenna), Luke Norris (Dwight), and Jack Farthing (George). These were the actors prominently featured for the discussion alongside show producers — unfortunately, production company Mammoth Screen confirmed earlier today that it wasn’t possible to film the whole panel, so we’ll either have to A) use our imagination or B) hope that some tidbits make it out in the coming days. (There are plenty of photos out there of the panel, and you can find many of them just by perusing the #Poldark hashtag on Twitter.)

In general, the first episode of the final season appears to be well-received; now, we just wish that there was more information out there in terms of proper start dates and the like. This is an episode that, presumably, is going to arrive with challenges for many different characters. For starters, trying to explore just what is going on with George in the aftermath of (season 4 spoiler alert) losing Elizabeth. We may not be a book reader or be familiar with the original Poldark series, but it seems as though she was the only thing keeping the trumpets of war from going off between these two. We have to imagine that moving forward, we are going to only see things get a little bit more chaotic.

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Ultimately, we do think that there’s an element of romance coming in the final season, now that Drake and Morwenna are together and Ross and Demelza are, hopefully, in a pretty good place. Beyond just this, though, we’re also anticipating a story about legacy and about characters doing their part in order to properly define who they are and also some of the people they want to be when the dust settles on their lives. How do you want to be remembered — as a hero, a tyrant, or someone who lets life wander idly by? Different characters would each probably answer this question a different way.

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