Elementary season 7 episode 3 sneak peek: Sherlock’s questioning

ElementaryEntering Elementary season 7 episode 3 on Thursday night, Sherlock Holmes has a plot. To be specific, it’s a different sort of plot than most.

Often with this particular show, what we are seeing is Sherlock doing virtually whatever he can in order to solve crimes associated with other people. Yet, this time around the life Sherlock has to save is, ultimately, his own — though it’s also of his own doing. He didn’t have to go to the New York field office of the FBI and proclaim that he was there to be arrested for Michael’s murder. Meanwhile, he never had to confess to being guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. Every single step along the way with this journey are steps of his own doing.

Now, the question that you have to wonder is simply this: Where are we going to see things go from here with Sherlock? Are we going to see a few more surprise twists and turns? That is certainly something that we cannot rule out; as a matter of fact, we’re going to assume that they are coming. The sneak peek below is proof of it. Upon his arrival at the field office, he specifically asks to communicate with its head. He then waits for ten hours before turning up, and it’s at that point where you see an element of what Sherlock’s plan here is: Name-drop Morland Holmes in an effort to try and ensure his freedom is met.

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Is Sherlock using a dirty trick in order to ensure that he gets a little bit of his freedom? At the moment, it does feel like whatever he’s doing here qualifies for “a man who is up to no good.” Obviously, he wants to stick around in America — Captain Gregson’s case is still open, and Sherlock likely also realizes that Joan is much happier there. He’d likely feel almost like some sort of sociopath to force Watson to go back to London — if she could even be forced. She’s not just some husk at the will of whatever orders he gives.

Sherlock wants to stay, but the trade-off here is that we don’t think that he is suddenly going to turn over Gregson’s daughter for what happened to Michael. After everything that he did to make sure that she was safe, why retcon that now? That feels too easy for a man of this particular persuasion. Instead, we imagine that for Sherlock Holmes, the primary order of business at the moment is going to be orchestrating some sort of devious new plot, one that will hopefully prove itself to be shrewd, fascinating, and complicated in all of the right ways. If you’re a fan of Elementary, you should relish the chance to dive into some various ins and outs with one Sherlock Holmes. A part of the fun here with Sherlock is going to be learning just what is up his sleeve.

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