Elementary season 7 episode 3 video: The wheels are in motion…

ElementaryWith Elementary season 7 episode 3 arriving on CBS next week, there will be a new mystery afoot! To go along with that, though, it’s not just all about what Sherlock and Watson are investigating. Instead, it’s a little bit about what Holmes is going through himself.

Think back for a moment to the end of last night’s new episode, where it was revealed that Sherlock is ready to turn himself in over his “role” in the murder of Michael Rowan. He knows that he is innocent of it, but we don’t think that he’s necessarily ready to sell out the real culprit, either. The big question you’re left to wonder is how exactly he plans to make the charges go away in order to ensure that he can wander around a free man.

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It’s such a weird, ironic situation for Sherlock moving forward, one where he’s going to need to potentially break the law further so that he can continue to work with the law. His desperation to solve the case of Gregson’s shooting is clearly driving him and for good reason — it’s a mystery that is currently plaguing his mind, especially since it has already proven itself to be a caper that is not going to be solved overnight.

About the investigation…

While Sherlock clearly has something in the works in order to ensure his freedom, he is determined to not let it get in the was of whatever he works on with Detective Bell. He doesn’t tell him what he is up to, and instead, the team goes ahead and works on whatever lies in front of them.

The truth here is that Bell and the NYPD perhaps need Sherlock and Joan more than ever before. With Gregson’s condition so dire, they are going to need more hands on deck and more smart, intuitive minds. Basically, consider the next case high-stakes mostly because someone could theoretically turn up and put Sherlock under arrest at just about any given moment. how about that for an added dose of jeopardy for whatever is coming up?

On the other side of this investigation, Odin Reichenbach, the Big Bad of this series, still remains … though we don’t get a sense that we’re going to actually get to meet him for at least a couple more episodes. Consider this the writers clearly taking their time and setting the table before unleashing a big reveal.

If you missed it last night…

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