Elementary season 7 episode 2 review: What happened to Gregson?

ElementaryAt the start of Elementary season 7 episode 2, the series delivered one of its biggest surprises in some time — Sherlock finding a way to sneak back into the country!

What’s so fascinating about this is that, effectively, CBS lied within the press release, making us think that we were going to kick off this season with Sherlock and Joan still back in London. That wasn’t the case. Sherlock had found a way to temporarily be in the country, and he went back into the brownstone and tried to keep a low profile. He and Watson did everything that they could in order to look into what happened with Captain Gregson following his shooting, but what they eventually found was another investigation altogether. They found themselves in a position where there was another case that needed to be unraveled, one involving a man named Tim who disappeared on the map before.

How did Tim Bledsoe’s case connect to what happened to Gregson? Well, apparently Gregson had got a tip on what happened to Tim and, because of that, someone killed him. That was at least the narrative that Bell and Watson were sold from the guy in Patrick ultimately arrested for the murder. Here’s where things got a little bit strange, though — this guy didn’t really put up all that much of a fight. He was pretty clear about what happened, but the problem is that there were some missing pieces to his story. There were some inconsistencies.

Here’s where things got a little twisted — Tim was apparently killed prior to a plot to blow up a ferry. There were some added questions that you had to wonder in regards to if he was a part of some sort of larger terror cell … which also makes us wonder whether or not Gregson was attacked by someone running a larger conspiracy. That’s what you’re left to scratch your chin on right now since there are some larger questions about who Patrick is, what he’s hiding, and why he would try to take the fall for something like this when he doesn’t need to.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Make no mistake that the case-of-the-week component to tonight’s Elementary was entertaining. Yet, if you’ve been watching this show from the beginning, it only makes sense that you’re a little bit more invested in some of the other stuff — namely, what’s been going on with Captain Gregson and that storyline. It is, by far, the emotional core to this season, and there hasn’t been a moment quite like Sherlock visiting Gregson in bed for quite some time.

Then, you had the crazy end of the episode, where Sherlock effectively went and turned himself in for the murder of Michael Rowan — if he’s going to stick around in the country, this is certainly one way to do it. Obviously, he knows that what’s going on here is weird, complex, and certainly different from your everyday case. We like that we do seem to be going in a more serialized direction this season, mostly so that we can really raise our eyebrows and conjure up theories galore.

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