Is Black Mirror renewed for season 6, canceled at Netflix?

Black MirrorIs Black Mirror renewed for season 6? Given how quickly we know many viewers are going to cycle through some of these new episodes, it’s really only a matter of time until these sort of questions are shouted from the heavens. There’s going to be a desire for more. As a matter of fact, there should be a desire for more. It really all comes down to just when we get a chance to actually see the show in action, and when Netflix decides to make their big announcement.

With today being the series’ season 5 premiere, there is no formal news at the moment about a season 6 — and yet, we don’t even need to reassure you that it’s going to happen. All of this is going to be mostly a function of whenever Netflix wants to send the trumpets out and the big parade. We figure that they are going to want season 5 to have its glory for at least a few weeks, since you don’t want to completely overshadow the most-recent season by immediately coming out and announcing that there’s going to be a new season on the other side of it. You just want to do whatever you can to live a little bit in the now … especially with a show that is this innovative and does so good of a job of getting people to have actual conversations in the moment.

Ultimately, though, we do think that a Black Mirror season 5 is really just at the discretion of one creator Charlie Brooker, who is the real genius behind the show and with that, is the straw who stirs the metaphorical drink. He is the guy who gets people talking and thinking about the concepts introduced. If he takes his time to come up with some more great ideas, we’re fine being patient. Black Mirror is not the sort of series that really needs to be an annual or biannual event. Really, this is just the sort of show that Netflix can put on the air virtually whenever they want. We’d actually encourage them to prioritize creativity.

The big takeaway, for now – Don’t get altogether gloom-and-doom on the future of Black Mirror. Note that there’s a very little chance that Netflix is going to put this show out to pasture, mostly because there’s no real reason to think that they would want to. In addition to the solid ratings that Black Mirror likely produces for them, there is another element to the equation here that cannot be completely forgotten — the awards-show value it has. Black Mirror is capable of generating all sorts of nominations from the Emmys, the Golden Globes, and some other awards shows as well.

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