‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: Does Sam really want a normal life?

It’s hard to think of the Winchester brothers doing anything that can be described as “ordinary,” but that is precisely what we are going to see on next week’s episode of “Supernatural” … at least in some flashbacks that are coming to us courtesy of Sam.

Wednesday’s installment is entitled “Heartbreak,” and the promo below gives us a glimpse of just what Sam was going through while his brother was in Purgatory. All in all, it sounds as though he really was having a rather enjoyable normal life with a woman, and enjoying being away from the likes of angels and demons. However, all of that has changed now that Dean is back in the real world.

The memories of Sam’s past are going to lead to him having what could be a pretty startling admission: he wants to get back to a normal life again rather than going through with the “same old, same old.” But is Dean really going to be able to allow this to happen … and will Sam change his mind? We don’t know when the series is going to end just yet, but we do have a feeling that these themes are something that we are going to see the series gradually start to delve into as we slowly approach the show’s endgame.

What do you think about this promo, and can you see there really being any way that Sam really gets away from what he does best for an extended period of time?

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