Is Chernobyl season 2 renewed, canceled, or can it happen at all?


Following tonight’s big finale, is there anything to look towards in terms of a Chernobyl season 2?

Well, the simplest answer to this is no — this is a miniseries and the importance to this is that it has a defined ending. In a way, you can consider the story of Chernobyl itself to be ongoing, given that there’s not exactly a defined ending to the saga even now. It’s something that there are constant lessons to be taken from it and things that we can do to better the world.

Do we think that there are more stories that writer Craig Mazin can tell that take a look at humanity and some of its great follies and experiments? Absolutely, since these are stories in Chernobyl that cannot be forgotten. There are also stories that are also in the world right now that cannot be forgotten. It’s easy to do that. It’s easy to become so transfixed on the bigger, gaudier news headlines that we miss things that could impact our country catastrophically within a relatively short period of time. This is the light that needs to be shined on the other side of this.

Ultimately, we think that the real Chernobyl season 2 are the lessons that we learn and the takeaways that we have — sure, this may be an extremely hokey and moralistic view of the world, but that doesn’t make things any less true.

In speaking a little bit further on all of this now in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, here is what Mazin had to say:

I think what we’re struggling with now is something worse. The planet is heating, the climate is changing. We know this. We have not just one scientist or two, but thousands screaming this at us at the top of their lungs. And we have a government full of disinterested, stubborn people who are going to cling to their denial and their nonsense. And that’s where we are. Like I said, we are in the control room right now, and there is time, but it’s running out. If there’s something that people take away from this, I hope it’s not “blah, communism is bad.” Yes, communism is bad, correct. The Soviet system is terrible, correct. That ended in 1991, here is what is going on right now in our country and every country. This is what we should be demanding of our politicians: a willingness to just deal with the truth and let their narratives go. Easier said than done, it would seem. So I’m forever hopeful, I can’t stop being hopeful — but I am forever concerned.

Given the critical acclaim for Chernobyl both in America and in other parts of the world, we absolutely feel like there are going to be future collaborations coming between HBO and Sky featuring some of Mazin’s work — provided he has more ideas in the future. This is what we’re looking for next rather than a magical season 2 popping out of nowhere.

What sort of programming do you want to see on the air following Chernobyl, and is there anything, in particular, you think the world could benefit from? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: HBO.)

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