The Bachelorette episode 5 spoilers: Luke P. vs. Luke S. continues

Hannah Brown - Bachelorette castDo you want to know what’s coming up on The Bachelorette episode 5? Well, after the chaos tonight, we expect things to continue to veer in all sorts of strange directions. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean that there will be more rugby dates or places where the guys are focused more on bashing each other’s faces in more so than they are just about anything else.

Let’s hope for a little bit of romance … but can we actually get a little bit more of the actually Bachelor contenders? Right now, we gotta say that Pilot Pete, Mike, and Tyler C. are the top contenders for the role at the moment.

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Based on the preview that we saw tonight for episode 5, it seems as the feud between Luke P. and Luke S. is going to continue for a little while longer. This is some serious drama, and we are totally on the side of Luke S. because of the fact that he’s getting totally screwed over because of what Luke P. is doing. Of course, we do also think that Luke P. is living rent-free in his head and it’s causing him to become so obsessed with the concept of dealing with him that he’s losing sight of what matters. We don’t really think that he’s coming off terrible to America per se, but this competition is about Hannah and clearly, Hannah is biased.

At the moment, the biggest thing to worry about here is whether or not Luke P. could win Hannah’s heart in the end given that at the moment, he’s charting in that particular direction. He’s clearly someone she is into because otherwise, she would’ve sent him home SO long ago. There’s no reason to keep someone around otherwise who is obviously this willing to cause trouble.

Also, next week we’re apparently going to see some sort of group date in that involves kilt wrestling — otherwise known as an opportunity for more of the dudes to hurt themselves. Meanwhile, on the other side of the things, you’re going to see Mike get more of the spotlight — which is great mostly because it seems like Mike is more than willing to stir the pot and make a mess if somebody in the game needs to be called out. (Please Mike, continue to call as many people out as possible.)

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