The Bachelorette episode 4: Luke Stone, Luke Parker’s rugby battle

Luke ParkerTonight, The Bachelorette featured a battle between two different Lukes — Luke Parker and Luke Stone. It started with rugby, and then it turned into something so much worse.

Let’s start with the origin story here — during the group date, of course, we saw a lot of them get super-aggressive. This is what happens when you throw a lot of guys into a competition and put a woman at the center of it that they all care about. These guys, of course, get crazy, and Luke P. apparently body-slammed Luke S. into the ground and then kneed him in the head. All of the guys had a pretty negative reaction to this on the other side of this battle.

What this produced was one of the greatest group-date montages in history, as after the ruby match pretty much all of the dudes went to Hannah and told her that they thought that Luke P. was bad news, he was overly aggressive, and basically, he was making the entire show all about him. They didn’t love that they had to spend most of the date talking about him rather than furthering along their own relationships.

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For Luke S. he was even more upset given that Luke P. told Hannah he was walking around the house talking about his tequila business — which, according to Luke S., doesn’t exactly even exist at the moment.

Do we think that Luke is the only contestant on the show who is there for something beyond just love? Hardly, but the difference is that his attitude just doesn’t mesh with everything else in the house. His ego is crazy and it just so happens that he views the competition with a sort of tunnel-vision. He’s now really able to see things all that much outside of himself.

While Luke P. came off horribly, we don’t exactly think Luke S. managed to really come off that great, either. Instead, the dude was so turned up that he wasn’t really able to think clearly for the majority of the episode, and that led to him not really focusing on Hannah for the rest of the date.

In the end, neither Luke ended getting a group-date rose at the end of all of this — instead, it was Garrett who got the rose, as he admitted that he was “crushing on her hard” — for Garrett, apparently, this was a moment of sweeping vulnerability.

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