Better Call Saul’s Giancarlo Esposito open to Gus prequel

Gus FringWhile we’re already in the midst of Better Call Saul at the moment, is it possible that we could get another spin-off in the future? We’ll admit that there is a part of us that’d be certainly eager to see something along the lines of “Greet Gus,” or another addition to the franchise that put some of our favorites in the spotlight.

We do think that there is some value to a Gus origin story here, largely due to the fact that he is one of the most notable villains within the entire franchise — not only that, but Gus is already fairly fully-formed at the time in which you first see him on Better Call Saul. 

Speaking via The Hollywood Reporter, Giancarlo Esposito makes it abundantly clear that personally, he’d be excited to see a little bit more of this story — and he even has an interesting idea for how to make it happen:

“It should be the rise of Gus. There is a lot of history behind the character of Gus. But I would want to do just 13 or 10 episodes and done, so you just get that hit of some of the prehistory and then move on.”

We know that there is supposedly a Breaking Bad movie project in the works featuring some character from the franchise, but we’d almost prefer that the show do these 10-episode limited runs rather than something that just lasts two hours. Think along the lines of something featuring Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman or some of the other familiar faces from the show’s world in the past. Eventually, you are going to run out of notable characters, but we don’t quite think that we’re there just yet. (We suppose that you could try to make a meal out of doing spin-off characters from the Better Call Saul world, but we don’t think the show is at that point just yet.)

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For now, we haven’t heard anything about there being some sort of Better Call Saul prequel focusing on Gus … but never say never? For now, we know that there is a little bit more story still to tell from within the AMC series’ world. We know that Bob Odenkirk would like to see the show go until season 6, and this does also go along with some of what Esposito has also said recently. (Note that AMC has not confirmed, one way or another, a potential end date for Better Call Saul as a series.)

Better Call Saul season 5 will likely premiere on AMC in early 2020. Stay tuned for more news.

Do you want to see some sort of spin-off/prequel revolving around Gus Fring, or someone else within the show’s greater universe? Be sure to share in the comments, and come back soon for more. (Photo: AMC.)

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