Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Medical devices, Glen Casada scandal

John OliverAfter last week’s hiatus, wasn’t it nice to get Last Week Tonight with John Oliver back with an all-new episode?

While there could be a number of different subjects that Oliver opened the show with, including Robert Mueller; yet, he instead talked a little bit Jared Kushner before talking here about Tennessee politics — in particular, a guy named Cade Cothren who just so work with Glen Casada, the Tennessee House Speaker. This scandal ended up erupting all over the state, and it led to Cothren resigning from his post. What happened here? Well, there were some text messages that came out that were WILD — think along the lines of incredibly offensive, racist, and also downright disturbing. It’s one of the weirdest political stories that we’ve ever seen.

Apparently, Casada is going to resign from his position well — while at first this would seem perfectly acceptable and normal, it’s actually an odd thing for a Republican leader to resign these days.

Still, we have a feeling that after this episode, there are going to be a lot of people looking up Glen Casada … and also the Party Fowl restaurant where some crazy stuff involving Cothren apparently went down.

This week’s main segment

This was all about medical devices, an important subject to discuss — and, ironically, one that was featured prominently on a recent series of The Resident episodes. One in ten Americans apparently have a medical device in them, even though not everyone in the medical community knows all of the finer ins and outs of them.

What do you learn about medical devices through this segment? Well, the first one is simply that there are some not-great people of this industry … which shouldn’t come as a shock. This is one of those industries where there can be a lot of money made, especially for a sales team looking to give their products to desperate doctors. Within certain companies, money is the real priority. You want to be thinking that medicine matters first … and it may for some people. It’s just that money matters for others.

This segment showed you all about the dangers of medical devices and, beyond that, some of the questions patients should ask if they find themselves in a position where they need to get some. We probably didn’t take away as much from this segment as some other viewers, but that’s mostly just because of The Resident and the fact that we’ve had a lot of information on this subject in our head already. We did appreciate the segment at the end, which was a mock medical-device commercial featuring Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock fame talking all about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using these products.

In the end, just be attentive the next time you go to the doctor. Is that really too much to ask?

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