Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 1 review: Who is Logan? Guess who’s back!

Alicia Clark

Through Fear the Walking Dead season 5 episode 1, there was one objective that existed for the survivors more than anything else: Trying to help people. Trying to find a way to bring a little bit more good into the world.

Here is the problem that was quickly discovered: Not everyone seems to be fully on board with this idea of letting Morgan and company help. Instead, what we’re running into more often is people taking advantage of what exactly Morgan is trying to do. Right in their mission to help Logan, their own home base was effectively enabled. This led, in turn, to some of Alicia’s frustrations and the confrontation that we saw at the end of the episode. She’s clearly agitated and beyond just that, we understand why. Everything that they’ve done so far since starting this mission has proven to be a relative failure, and certainly not anywhere close to what they initially expected.

Oh, and that’s without even mentioned that through this episode, Luciana almost died. She’s going to be okay, but that’s only because of June and her resourcefulness at the truck stop.

Were there some hopeful moments within the premiere? Sure, mostly in that was had some homages mixed in here to Polar Bear and some of his heroics starting up his community of giving back in the first place. We also saw Morgan and Alicia try to bring on board some kids who they found who were in jeopardy, including two kids in Max and Dylan who were out on the road with their sister. The problem was that eventually, they started to distrust the survivors and took off on their own. It’s not easy to be a part of the apocalypse — that much is very clear.

Hey, at least the kids are alive … right? That makes them at least somewhat different from most of the rest.

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Other revelations from the episode

For starters, Daniel Salazar is out there! The irony here is that Althea talked in this episode about how frustrated she was over some of tapes not really proving to be effective; yet, at the same time we learned in this episode that she had actually encountered Daniel and has him on camera. You gotta think that this is going to prove to be quite valuable in the future.

Herein lies the problem — Althea seems to have her life in jeopardy judging from the end of the episode.

CarterMatt Verdict

There’s a lot of trouble ahead on Fear the Walking Dead season 5. While we can’t say that Logan is a Big Bad just yet, it seems as though he’s now taken over the base that the team had started to call their home. He didn’t try to kill him; yet, he wanted to steer them away from the factory so that he could get back what he felt was “his.” Logan’s a jerk, largely because the team’s now a little more stranded. It makes for a great start to the season, at least in terms of us having some sort of direction.

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