NCIS season 17: What should be next for Bishop, Torres?

Bishop and TorresMrs. Carter: As NCIS season 17 inches ever closer, there are more questions that are still worth pondering over — including Bishop and Torres!

Obviously, over the years ‘ships within the NCIS world have not always paid off. Sometimes, they happen … but you don’t really see them play out all that much onscreen. With Bishop and Torres, there are some signs that something could be on the way for the two of them. It’s very clear at the moment that there are feelings that the two have for each other — they don’t necessarily vocalize them all the time, but they don’t also have a lot of opportunities to do so.

Look at things this way. The majority of the time in which you see Bishop and Torres on NCIS, they are out in the field together. That is not exactly a time where you have a lot of heart-to-heart conversations about your feelings. To make matters worse, it’s been pretty documented how Gibbs feels about workplace relationships. As a matter of fact, it is one of his rules.

So are rules meant to be broken? Sure, and if there’s a reason to hope that Bishop and Torres could make something more work away from the job, it is that Gibbs has already shredded one of his rules over the course of the past season — rule 10, and that one was very emotionally-based. He’s in the process of letting down some emotional walls, so it’s certainly possible that he could have a change of heart regarding some other long-established elements of being an NCIS agent. It’s hard to bank on it as a certainty, but it’s something to at least think about.

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With Bishop and Torres, it is certainly clear that these feelings are not going to be going away in the near future. After all, it was just revealed that certain people have at least some  knowledge of them already! Think back to the finale, where Kasie make it clear to Torres that she is very well aware of how he feels about Bishop. If Kasie (reasonably new to the team) has figured it out, there are probably plenty of other people who have as well. It’s certainly possible that Bishop and Torres both know how each other feels, as well, but they just haven’t found a way to have that sort of conversation yet. Maybe they have had a conversation that we as viewers have not seen, but it would certainly be nice to be put into that perspective and actually get to see some of those discussions play out. Given that they are so rare, they do stand out and are worth discussing and/or celebrating.

Finally, let’s just issue another reminder to Gibbs that Deeks and Kensi seem to make their dynamic work just fine over on NCIS: Los Angeles. Why not let more relationships be possible here? Plus, if Gibbs is ever going to be with Sloane, provided that that relationship is going to turn into something, he may have to break one of the rules himself. (Read my recent Gibbs/Sloane discussion over here!)

Do I think that we’re going to see Bishop and Torres together in the immediate future? Probably not, but this is a storyline worth watching through the end of season 17 or maybe moving into season 18. Even though a season 18 is not official right now, there’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

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