Bodyguard season 2: What’s the biggest potential challenge?

Bodyguard episode 2

If you are excited about the idea of a Bodyguard season 2, rest assured that you are far from alone. There have been requests aplenty from all over the world to see Richard Madden and the rest of the (still relevant) cast back with another batch of episodes. The problem is just getting some sort of actual announcement on it from the BBC or Netflix.

Given that creator Jed Mercurio other show’s in Line of Duty has been over for a little while now, you would think that that would help to get the ball rolling on season 2. However, nothing official still has been announced on the future of the series; and, while we would hope that there would be more of the story, it seems as though everyone is taking their time processing it. We like to picture Mercurio scratching various ideas off on a notepad.

So what is really going on here? We have a hard time believing that everyone is just off whistling to themselves and not thinking about this show at all. (Hence, the notepad comment.) There may be some Bodyguard season 2 story ideas in the works, and everyone is just taking their time to ensure that they are absolute perfection before trying to transition anything over to the small screen.

If there is one problem that’s holding the show back perhaps more than any other, it may have something to do with just finding the right premise. Think about it. At the end of season 1, Madden’s character of David Budd was hardly a no-name PPO anymore. He was at the center of headlines regarding Julia Montague and everything that happened, and that’s not the sort of thing that he can just duck and cover from — especially when discretion is a key part of the job. It’s possible that a season 2 could feature the character somewhere else in the world, somewhere where he is a little more anonymous and he doesn’t have to deal with the same sort of oversight or speculation that he would back home. Yet, in doing that, you would also be separating him from much of the world that that grounds him. That’s a problem in its own right, given David’s PTSD and what he goes through there.

At the moment, the Bodyguard struggle appears to be a trade-off — what can help David can also very much hurt him in other ways.

Ultimately, the struggle you’re looking at for Bodyguard simply one of finding exactly the right circumstances to bring David back. You want it to be equally as intense and dramatic as the first season, and it probably needs to be every bit as surprising. After all, that’s one of the reasons why Bodyguard was so successful in the first place. We just have to accept, as painful as it may be, that waiting is the best thing to make sure season 2 doesn’t end up being a letdown. If it is, that makes the odds of a Bodyguard season 3 all the more challenging. Let’s hope Jed has some good stuff on that metaphorical notepad, especially when it comes to making sure we all remain on our toes.

At least know this, for now: Richard Madden is still keen on continuing the show.

Do you have a good idea for what Bodyguard season 2 could look like? Be sure to share right now in the comments. (Photo: BBC.)

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