NCIS: Los Angeles season 11 debate: Should Anna return?

Bar PalyThe great news for all NCIS: Los Angeles fans at the moment seems to be fairly clear — we are getting a season 11 premiering at some point a little bit later this fall! If there’s a downside, though, it is that the future of some popular recurring characters is a little bit up in the air. Some characters can come and go as they please, but for one Anna Kolchek, the mystery is a little more complicated. It’s a question without a clear answer.

During the character’s last appearance in season 10, Anna, unfortunately, made it clear that she was not altogether interested in heading back to America with Callen. You know that they have a deep romantic history, but it’s not exactly like Anna could just throw all caution to the wind and come back to a place she knew she’d be hunted. Coming back for her isn’t exactly easy, but her not going back is certainly difficult for Callen in turn. This is a guy who has gone through quite a bit, and his romantic history is so checkered that it’s almost one of those microscopic checkered patterns you find on a shirt. He and Anna were good together when things were going well; plus, having Anna around also meant more Arkady, and we will absolutely always welcome more Arkady onto this show at any given moment.

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If there is a way to bring Anna back to the American soil, and we certainly hope that there will be at some point, it’s going to take quite a lot in order for it to work. The only other solution is that Calen finds a way to go and visit her, which we understand is certainly feasible. it would just be a little bit trickier roping that story into everything else that was going on, unless the two were teaming up for some sort of case abroad.

Here is, ultimately, what we like to label the good news. Anna is not dead. We know it sounds silly to put it in such basic terms, but we really feel like so long as that’s the case, there’s always a possibility of her coming back. We know that a lot of people have their preferences when it comes to Callen’s love life, as some people are rooting for him and Joelle more so than him and Anna, but we still think there’s a good chance that both of them could turn up at some point in the future again. Heck, if NCIS proper is able to revive Ziva after it appeared as though she was dead for years, that really makes almost everything possible, however impossible it may at first seem.

So, for all Anna and Callen fans, hold out hope. Let’s just also hope that the writers have some interesting ideas to incorporate her once more into the fabric of this story.

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