When could Blue Bloods season 10 start filming in New York?

Blue Bloods season 10

When is Blue Bloods season 10 going to start filming in New York City? We don’t think it’s ever too early to ask the question, especially since we are going to be so eager for news when the cameras start rolling.

Unfortunately, the truth is we still have to wait a good while to see Donnie Wahlberg and the rest of the cast back in action. Last year, production on the CBS series kick-started on July 17, but we’re still more than a month and a half away from that. Is it possible that it could begin a little bit earlier than that this year? Sure, but without official production dates, it’s mostly just speculation.

Just in case you were wondering as to why production for Blue Bloods starts so far ahead of when the show premieres, it’s because it takes longer than a week to make a single episode of the show. While we’re getting to watch new episodes every week in September, the show actually needs to be pretty far ahead before the pattern begins. Otherwise, they’ll end up falling behind in episodes really quickly and then you’ll have a much larger hiatus in the fall so that they can catch back up.

Typically, the filming timeline for Blue Bloods works a little bit something like this — filming continues with regularity from the middle of July until close to the holiday season, and then they come back in the new year and work for a handful of additional months. Filming wraps up in the spring, and then the cast typically gets a few months off to pursue other projects.

One of the things that probably does make Blue Bloods appealing to a number of cast members is the opportunity to also do a few different things during the season. Because this is such an ensemble show with so many different people having big storylines, no one actor has to work an extremely long amount of days — at least compared to other network shows. That gives everyone time off to pursue a few other projects, which is certainly a good thing when you consider how busy Donnie Wahlberg seems to be all the time.

The only thing that we can say for sure about Blue Bloods season 10 is that tonally, it’s not going to be altogether different than anything we’ve seen before. It doesn’t seem as though the premiere is going to kick off with any more wedding footage (argh), so that’s just the pill we’re just having to swallow.

What did you want to see on Blue Bloods season 10 when it premieres, and are you bummed we still have to wait for some time before filming? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for more news.

(Photo: CBS.)

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