Designated Survivor season 3 spoilers: All of the key players

Designated SurvivorEach season of Designated Survivor brings with it its own unique flavor, but it’s pretty darn clear at this point that season 3 is going to stand out from the first two in all sorts of ways. How in the world could it not? This is a show that’s moving to Netflix after two seasons over ABC, and if it evolves as Lucifer did after its move, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Granted, there’s not a lot of similarities here between these two shows otherwise. Despite the obvious jokes, no one within the world of politics (at least on this show) is actually the Devil.

So what will make Designated Survivor season 3 command a good bit of limelight? Obviously, a lot of it is going to revolve around the twisted, fascinating political narrative that has long been its beating heart. You’re getting to see characters go toe-to-toe with one another on the issues, on matters of National Security, and possibly the entire world’s safety and health. To go along with all of that, you do have a presidential election storyline that is going to dominate a lot of the third season, and we haven’t seen anything quite like it before. For the first time, President Tom Kirkman is actually going to have to run for office, and he may be a deer in the headlights for at least some of it.

As for laying the groundwork for the story that’s coming up, including some new faces, here is what executive producer Neal Baer had to say an interview with the New York Post:

Netflix said [about season 3], “We like the concept. Go for it. Without chipping away at how it’s going to play [in] Peoria.” We have five original cast members, including Kal Penn, Italia Ricci and Maggie Q. We have six new main characters, led by Anthony Edwards, who plays Chief of Staff Mars Harper. I started when Tony was on “ER.” When Kiefer heard that Tony was coming on, he was happy. They’d known each other since Kiefer did “The Lost Boys” and Tony did “Top Gun.” They’ve known each other for 35 years. Julie White plays Kiefer’s campaign manager Lorraine Zimmer. I worked with her on “SVU.” I brought on Jamie Clayton from “Sense8,” a trans actor, Elena Tovar, who is involved with a Kirkman aide, and Chukwudi Iwuji, a British-Nigerian actor. This is not your Aunt Clara’s “Designated Survivor.”

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We will admit that for us, the addition of Anthony Edwards is one of the additions we are the most excited about. Much of the appeal is the idea of having Kirkman engage with someone who is so much more campaign minded than himself. What sort of clashes are there going to be? Is Kiefer Sutherland’s character going to look like the same man on the other side of the election? This is going to be a test of morality like nobody’s business, and in the event Designated Survivor does end up getting a season 4, you could see the aftermath of the election payoff in a really big, fascinating way.

For some more thoughts on season 3…

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