Designated Survivor season 3: Kiefer Sutherland on Kirkman’s campaign

Designated SurvivorCan you believe that Designated Survivor season 3 is just over a week away on Netflix? It is absolutely a worthy thing to be anxious for, largely because we’ve waited so long already — including a period when it was canceled! Go ahead and add to that the teases that are out there for what is coming up — they seem to be all sorts of exciting, dramatic, and different from what we had the first to go around on ABC.

In case you haven’t heard, one of the big differences about the upcoming Netflix season is that rather than being just about the presidency itself, we’re going to see an election so that Tom Kirkman can remain in the office that he’s established and held the past couple of years. He’s a man in an extraordinary position. For the first two years, he didn’t have to worry about anything like this, as he had never sought out being in an office like this before. He was named the leader of the free world via such extraordinary means that nobody could have predicted it.

Yet, here he is, as the third season is going to feature a struggle when it comes to a campaign, and trying to find a way for him to still be the person that he’s been. Suffice it to say, that is going to be a Herculean task with so many people around him all wanting a generous slice of the power pie.

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Speaking in a new interview with TVInsider, series star Kiefer Sutherland does his part to discuss the overall theme of this season, alongside the impact of the presidential campaign could have on a man like Tom Kirkman:

“For the first two seasons, you were dealing with a man who was widely perceived as a good, honest man put in this incredible position of becoming President overnight. As an audience, you rooted for him to maintain his dignity and humanity. He’s shown that the office over the two years has corrupted him enough that his integrity has been challenged. A terrible excuse so many politicians make is ‘whatever I have to do to become elected is justifiable, because I’ll make it up when I’m the leader.’ That’s a terrible deal.

“For me personally, I think the second you decide to run for the Presidency, you already have a knock against you. You’re seeking power. That, for most people, we find a little questionable. We’re going to watch how far he goes in [one direction] and whether or not he comes back.”

Designated Survivor season 3 may be significantly shorter than any other season of the show to date, but we have a feeling they’re going to cram a lot of content in there — basically, you’ll probably see 15-16 episodes’ worth of good stuff in a smaller overall package. Here at the site, you can certainly expect more updates related to the story and individual episodes once they actually premiere. Just stay tuned and cross your fingers that the wait is worth it and that Kirkman doesn’t get totally corrupted on the other side.

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