Lucifer, Shadowhunters, Station 19 top CarterMatt finale reader polls

LuciferOver the past nine days, CarterMatt readers have been making their voices heard on a number of subjects — but all of them tied to one thing.  We’re talking here, of course, about finale season! This is the part of the year that gets people ranting and raving about TV more than any other, and we certainly saw a lot of absolutely insane moments across broadcast and cable networks alike. Think along the lines of big cliffhangers, romantic moments, and a lot of really sad departures that made us shout plenty of questions into the void — or to whoever we’re sitting next to.

As a way to best chronicle everything that transpired, we posted a few different polls over the past several days to generate feedback from readers on what they liked, what they were the saddest about, and also the romantic moments that made them smile. Within this particular article, we come bearing some results.

Best Finale – We understand where Lucifer fans are coming from, given that it’s hard to top the crazy twist with the title character — plus a romantic confession and so much more. Lucifer managed to raise its game dramatically with the move to Netflix, and it was absolutely a rather fantastic show before that.

Best Finale ‘Ship moment – Lucifer and Chloe, Lucifer. The Lucifer fandom came out strong in support of Chloe’s confession of love to Lucifer, a wonderful full-circle moment from where she was early on in the season, questioning if she could ever fully love him now that she understood his true self and what she believed to be his nature. This season, at least for her, was about her discovering that there’s more to him than first meets the eye.

Saddest Exit – Lucas Ripley, Station 19While his exit technically transpired a little bit before the end of the season, it was this death that proved to be an enormous driving force for the story of the rest of the season, as it was through this relationship that we saw Vic in a new light and there were so many obstacles that they’d overcome. Nobody wanted to see it end like this … but it has.

Best Wedding – We’re looking towards the Shadowhunters season 3 finale here and Magnus/Alec tying the knot. The two of them topping our poll here is the perfect way to commemorate Pride Month, and it’s absolutely something worth smiling about story-wise after everything that they went through. Just think about where they were at earlier on in season 3!

Given that today is the 1st of June, we are certainly feeling the TV hiatus right now. It’s been really fun to talk about all of these finales over the past few weeks, and now, the waiting begins. The next major finales we expect are probably going to be in September, when the summer TV season starts to wrap up and we inch ever closer to fall and many of our favorite shows being back on the air. Thanks to everyone who voted, and we, of course, looking forward to covering all of these shows whenever there is news through the next few months.

What part of finale season this year did you enjoy the most? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Netflix.)


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