Is Ransom new tonight on CBS? Season 4 expectations

Ransom season 3Is Ransom new tonight on CBS? While it’s not the most-publicized show on television, we know that it has a loyal following who appreciates there being something intense and compelling on the air Saturday nights.

Unfortunately, it’s because of how under-publicized it is that you may not have known that last week was the big season 3 finale. That is the end of the road for the show on CBS and Global for the time being, though there is still some hope for it moving forward … at least if you’re patient enough and if the networks do what we feel is the right thing. There’s no clear sign that we’re going to get more of the series for certain, but there tends to be a long wait before we get renewal news on Ransom. It’s just a part of this show’s unconventional model.

What we’re basically expecting over the next couple of months is a waiting period where there isn’t a whole lot of discussion on the show’s future; even if a renewal is announced, there probably won’t be a huge announcement that’s all over the internet. This is why if we get some good news, we’re going to be sure to highlight here so that everyone is fully aware of it. (We recommend that you stay tuned to this link!)

As for what we’re currently anticipating coming up in Ransom season 4 if it comes back, it’s nothing altogether different from what we’ve seen for the first few seasons. Eric Beaumont has been through a lot through these first few dozen episodes, but he somehow always manages to get the job done. The writing challenge here is mostly just finding new ways to build the metaphorical mousetrap — you want to establish some intense hostage crises that are hard to resolve, and also angles on them that feels somewhat new and fresh. It’s about coming up with issues that are topical, but also still fit within the natural sort of DNA for the show.

When could Ransom season 4 premiere, if renewed?

We talked about this a little bit last week, and our sentiment remains very much the same — more than likely, you’re going to have a chance to see this series back on the air come in the late winter/early spring, largely similar to what we had this time around. For season 2, the show premiered a little bit later than it probably should have for the sake of its ratings, and we think that the season 3 model proved to be a tad more successful. It just makes fundamentally more sense to premiere this show when people are stuck inside for the winter, especially when Saturdays are a night where viewers like to go outside and do a wide array of other things.

What do you want to see on Ransom season 4, provided it returns, and are you bummed that the show isn’t on the air tonight? Be sure to share now in the comments, and check back soon for some other updates. (Photo: CBS.)

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