‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Bret Michaels, Omarosa, and Lil’ Jon among All-Stars

On “The Today Show” Friday morning, NBC chose to finally announce some news that quite a few people were eagerly awaiting: the full cast of the next “Celebrity Apprentice.” This is a group that is pretty solid, even if there are still a few questionable inclusions here on the basis of either being memorable or their placement in the competition.

Let’s not waste any time here; instead, let’s jump straight ahead to the reveal. The strange thing here? For the first time ever, there are more men on the cast (eight) than women (six).

Lisa Rinna – Probably the most undeserving member of the cast, if for no other reason than that she was the second person fired from her season.

Claudia Jordan – Who? Our other least-favorite inclusion, mostly because we barely remember this former “Deal or No Deal” model from her first appearance.

La Toya Jackson – For the purpose of fame alone, it’s nice to have a Jackson family member as a part of the cast.

Omarosa – Yes, this is the third time that she has played this game, and we’re honestly a little surprised she wants to given the recent passing of her fiance Michael Clark Duncan. However, we think that she probably wants to show America that there is far more to her than just someone who gets upset and fights. We just hope that she lasts long enough so that she can square off with Piers Morgan again in the boardroom.

Brande Roderick – A very deserving inclusion. She really did not even deserve to be fired the first time around.

Marilu Henner – Also deserving, mostly because Marilu was one of those people all the way back in the first season who just had one bad week and paid for it.

Stephen Baldwin – A surprisingly good performer during his season, Stephen’s main weakness was finding famous contacts outside of his own brother Alec.

Trace Adkins – Were it not for Piers Morgan’s dominance, Trace would have likely won the first season in a heartbeat. Arguably, he’s the best player to never win.

Bret Michaels – The only winner in the cast, Bret probably has something to prove that his past win was not just out of sympathy for a near-fatal hemorrhage.

Lil Jon – One of our all-time favorite cast members, mostly because he was so smart and we never expected him to be the player that he was.

Dennis Rodman – Considering that he was seemingly suffering from a drinking problem the first time, it will be interesting to see if he has recovered from that in any way.

Penn Jillette – Like Marilu, he was a good contestant who merely just had one off week that got him in trouble.

Dee Snider – One of our least-favorite castings among the men, mostly because Dee did not really do anything that memorable last season save for hurting himself.

Gary Busey – In putting Gary back on the show, Donald Trump is clearly just showing that he wants crazy people to provide entertainment. Gary was not really effective in anything during his season, and was mocked by many of his fellow cast members.

What do you think about this cast?

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