Fear the Walking Dead season 5 spoilers: Alicia’s first premiere scene

Alicia ClarkNeed some more reasons for excitement in terms of the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 premiere? We think we’ve got that for you within, courtesy of one Alicia Clark.

Today, AMC release some of the first footage from the opening of the season 5 premiere (see via Entertainment Weekly), and at first, it starts off fairly innocently. You’ve got two young boys in Dylan and Max traversing through the wilderness, trying to find the right way in order to keep themselves going. In the normal world, this may feel a little bit dire, but in the world of The Walking Dead, this isn’t so harsh at all. It’s almost akin to a walk through flowers. It’s only when the Walker show up when things start to get really bad.

Yet, things get pretty crazy, and pretty awesome, soon after that. First, you see a plane crash. Then, you see a lot of fire. Then, you see Alicia emerge with a plane propeller ready and willing to use it on any available zombies. There are some pretty incredible moments that we’ve seen on this show through four seasons, but watching Alycia Debnam-Carey’s character slice and dice Walkers with this prop seems to be fairly high up on the left. How in the world could it not be? It’s one moment that really signifies Alicia’s evolution as a character perhaps more so than any other we’ve seen. This is not something season 1 Alicia would do by any means. She shows herself to be a leader here, and someone with a fairly defined purpose that has nothing to do with herself. It’s a selfless act amidst what is going to be a selfless season for many of the heroes.

The word “help” is used in this preview, and that is kind of a microcosm for the entirety of season 5. Many of our characters are going out of their way in order to help others to make this zombie-infested world a better place. It’s an optimistic season in that way, but we have a feeling it’s not exactly going to be sunshine and rainbows amidst the gore. Things are going to go bad, and you can almost guarantee that. The major question is just when they’re going to go bad and then, of course, how they’re going to go bad. If you love zombie drama and action, we still do think that Fear the Walking Dead season 5, even with a slightly different tone, it certainly going to be for you.

With this in mind, if you do want to read some more news about Fear the Walking Dead season 5 and its new signature town, be sure to visit the link here.

Overall, this preview is a very good foundation for what’s going to be coming up next this season. We don’t know if there are going to be any other scenes that necessarily top the surprise factor or the awesomeness of this, but at least we feel all right about the reintroduction after a season four that was certainly uneven and controversial.

What do you want to see for Alicia on Fear the Walking Dead season 5? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for some more news. (Photo: AMC.)

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