Animal Kingdom season 4 episode 2 spoilers: What does Angela want?

Emily DeschanelAnimal Kingdom season 4 episode 2 is going to be coming onto TNT this Tuesday, and it seems to be the first domino of many that are falling. What makes this different from your standard domino rally? Think of it this way — all of these dominos are dangerous … almost as if each one is hovering right over a tripwire and could detonate the entire world around it.

If you head over to the link here, you can see an extended look at some of the chaos that is going to be unraveling over the course of the next few weeks. We imagine that there are going to be entertaining moments aplenty — at least for us. We can’t say anywhere near the same stuff for some of these characters. Take, for example, with Smurf, as it turns out that she’s going to find herself more and more shut out of the Cody boys’ plans. That’s going to cause her to want to be a little bit more proactive in her attempts to get things done. That’s probably not a good thing for any of the guys, given that a desperate Smurf is, more often than not, a dangerous Smurf. This is not the side of this character you really want to get close to, since it can blow up in your face rather dramatically.

As for what else we know is coming, it looks as though some of the guys are going to be in trouble with the police — or, at least, questioned by the police. Throughout the premiere episode, it was clear that Adrian’s got quite the relationship with the authorities, and there is an awareness on his part that unless he helps them, his own future is up in smoke. While of course Adrian may have some feelings towards Deran, do you really think he’s going to fall on his own sword for the sake of helping his family? Hardly.

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Then, there’s Angela

How Emily Deschanel factors into all of this is going to be one of the more interesting aspects of this season. She’s going to arrive in J’s life claiming that she wants to be almost a savior — she is going to claim that this isn’t the sort of life J was meant to be living and she wants to try and help her. This may be strictly a manipulation on her part, but it’s also a really bad read on precisely the sort of person J is. The guy’s a psychopath in a lot of ways and we don’t think he wants to avoid this life.

In the words of the famed Walter White, J is doing all of this for himself — and because he likes it. It’s not because of whatever other excuse you want to inject in there.

Get ready for chaos Tuesday night, and we’re stoked to be presenting you with all sorts of further scoop in the days to come.

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