Cloak & Dagger season 2 finale airs Stan Lee – title card tribute

Following the conclusion of the Cloak & Dagger season 2 finale on Freeform Thursday night, you may notice something special, and something meant to honor the late, great Stan Lee.

In the closing seconds of the finale, the episode showcases a brief, comic-oriented title card that pays tribute to the late Marvel Comics guru, who died in November of last year. Lee was not the original creator of the Cloak & Dagger comic, but the characters (the product of writer Bill Mantlo and artist Ed Hannigan) were first featured within a Spider-Man comic. Like many other popular Marvel characters, they all branch out from Lee in one way or another.

Marvel and Freeform already had a small tribute to Stan Lee back in the first season in the form of pop art — it was certainly a little unorthodox when compared to some of the other routine cameos we’ve seen from him, but a subtle nod that fits very well within the overall tradition of including him. The episode he appeared in was a bit darker in tone, and it may have been harder to fit him in through some other form.

As for why the producers of the show opted to air their tribute to Lee following the finale as opposed to earlier this season, the best potential answer to this is that they wanted to ensure that they gave Stan the largest platform possible for the nod. Every comic fan knows of his greatness and the impact that he’s had on multiple generations of people. He allowed readers to test a new part of their imagination and admire someone who was more than just an average person. He also taught them to try to find something a little bit super within themselves.

This tribute tonight is another loving reminder of this. While Lee may be gone, we don’t think that his legacy can ever be forgotten. One of the things that we’re hoping for is that in future generations of Marvel products, whether they be movies or TV shows, there is still a way to continue to showcase Stan and some of what he meant to the world. The physical cameos may, unfortunately, be over, but there is still a way to leave an imprint so that the man and his work is never forgotten.

We hope you enjoyed the Cloak & Dagger season 2 finale — there is no official word as of yet on a season 3.

What did you think about the lovely tribute tonight to Stan Lee at the end of the Cloak & Dagger season 2 finale? Be sure to share right now in the comments.

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