Supergirl season 5: Should we see Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman again?

HoechlinWe know that there are already conversations about whether or not Lex Luthor could be revived for Supergirl season 5, so let’s go ahead and ask a different but slightly related question here. Is it possible that we could see Tyler Hoechlin return as Clark Kent aka Superman?

While there hasn’t really been that much revealed about the upcoming season of Supergirl, or really any other show in the Arrowverse for that matter, the obvious implication is that Crisis on Infinite Earths is going to be an enormous part of the story. There is hype on top of hype with a hype cherry on top for what’s coming up next — this is the most epic crossover that the CW has ever attempted between all of these sort of shows, and it’s probably going to take a number of memorable names and familiar faces to take down the threats that are ahead. With that in mind, it seems like a natural fit to bring Superman back for at least one more occasion.

Also, if you do choose to revive Lex Luthor for it, it does seem like a wasted opportunity to not feature Superman and Lex squaring off to some degree.

For the time being, it certainly seems as though Tyler is open to another turn as the character. Speaking, according to We Got This Covered, at the recent MCM Comic-Con in London, the actor made it very clear that he is down to come back and play Superman on at least one more occasion:

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. I know there’s a big crossover coming up, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll figure something out, so I hope to see these guys again.”

Of course, getting Superman back on Supergirl is not so easy as the producers just calling up Hoechlin asking “hey are you interested?”. It’s really quite complicated, since you need the proper permission from DC Comics to bring the character back on board and then you also have to set specific parameters for how he factors in. Superman is like Lex Luthor in that both characters are extremely popular, and they’re also so many plans for them constantly in the movie world that DC gets a little bit antsy handing down lengthy TV arcs for them. Yet, given that Crisis on Infinite Earths is such an enormous event, it’s hard to imagine them saying no to the idea of another episode or two for Superman. It just comes down to finding the right time and the right means to make it happen.

As for whether or not Superman could turn up somewhere else on Supergirl season 5, obviously it’s possible, but we’re not really expecting anything in particular. For the time being, there’s just not a tangible reason story-wise to bring him in unless it’s something huge and worthwhile.

If you missed it…

Be sure to visit the link here, as that is where you can see what Jon Cryer had to say about his time as Lex on the series overall.

Now, we want to know from you, do you want to see Superman back on Supergirl season 5, or do you think everyone else in the arrowverse is more than fine to tackle the incoming crisis? Be sure to share right now in the comments below.

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