Supergirl season 5: Could Jon Cryer return as Lex Luthor?

Lex LuthorAs we’re preparing for Supergirl season 5 to premiere at some point this fall, is there still a chance for more of Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor? Based on what we saw in the closing seconds of the finale, it certainly seems possible … but it’s also far from guaranteed.

In the closing minutes of the finale, you saw The Monitor arrive to survey the body of Lex, almost as though there is a very particular purpose that he has for him — even beyond the grave. Does this mean that a Lex revival is in the works, even if it’s in a somewhat zombified state? We can’t rule that out, though there may be some other plans that The Monitor has, as well. The real truth with this character is that he really lives within a world of constant questions — everything with him seems to happen for a reason, but there doesn’t appear to be all that much of a hurry in order to fully explain what some of these said reasons are. Sometimes, you have to do a bad thing for a good reason, and we certainly that bringing back Lex would be a bad thing for most in National City. Still, there could be some sort of benefit to this that even we don’t know … at least not for now.

As for whether or not Cryer would be interested in a return, the wonderful tribute to the show he posted on Twitter gives us a reason for some hope:

“Wanted to express my gratitude for the time I spent on [Supergirl] Fantastic cast, incredible, diligent crew and wow, great post production and effects.  You guys were great to me and that the writers built such a great version of a character I LOVED meant the world to me. And a HUGE thank you to the fans. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you gave me a chance. I totally get that this is a character that viewers had high expectations for. And I understand why folks who knew my prior work would think I was an odd choice… I thought so too. But I knew I had him in me, and I’m so grateful you let me let him out.”

What makes Cryer’s performance this season so remarkable is ultimately the fact that he did so much with just a small handful of episodes. Lex is one of those characters that Supergirl needs special permission to use, so pulling this story off with such few actual appearances is a treat. Maybe they can get him back for Crisis On Infinite Earths given the high stakes and the huge platform for that crossover, but we’re not sure just how prevalent he will be within this world beyond just that. It’s really just something to store away in the back of your head … mostly because we’ve gotta see what the course of season 5 is going to look like first and foremost.

For some more news about when Supergirl season 5 could premiere…

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