The Twilight Zone season 2 premiere date hopes on CBS All Access

The Twilight ZoneWhen could The Twilight Zone season 2 premiere on CBS All Access? Trying to figure out this information too far in advance is potentially akin to trying to figure out the central twist of a Twilight Zone episode just a few minutes in. Sometimes it can be a pretty impossible task.

Here is what we know for the time being — CBS All Access has already given a green light to the Jordan Peele version of the long-running franchise, which is a big stamp of approval during the show’s season 1 run. There was no guarantee that this was going to work, or that modern audiences were going to receive it. Really, there were only two different things that we had to go on here that it could be successful. For starters, we had the impressive resume that Jordan Peele has assembled because of movies like Get Out and Us. Meanwhile, you can argue that Black Mirror is sort of a successor to The Twilight Zone in a lot of ways, and clearly, it proved that there is very much an appetite for these sort of show was out there.

As for CBS All Access renewing it early, this is them recognizing that they need to get a certain degree of confidence from their viewers. That’s the only way for them to ensure that they can pick up more subscribers.

In a statement at the time of the renewal, here is what Julie McNamara, executive vice president of original content at CBS All Access, had to say:

“Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg’s reimagining of The Twilight Zone is off to an amazing start on CBS All Access, driving the most viewers on its premiere day for an original series to date … Jordan, Simon, the creative team and cast have done a phenomenal job translating the series’ legacy of socially conscious storytelling for modern-day audiences. They are master storytellers, and we look forward to bringing fans further into The Twilight Zone with a second season.”

More than likely, The Twilight Zone season 2 will be ready for a premiere at some point in 2020, unless of course Peele and the rest of the creative team just decide to take a little bit longer to make these upcoming stories perfect. Really, it is all about the stories here! If there aren’t any good ideas for season 2 just yet, why rush? Just let the creators take their time to devise the best ideas and plots possible since that’s what is ultimately going to get this show a third season. There is no official episode count just yet, so maybe there is somewhat of a waiting game going on to see what the ideas are.

Ultimately, the number one priority for any Twilight Zone episode is just finding a way to ensure that they leave something for discussion. Great episodes of this show should have some rewatchability to them so that after the fact, you want to go through it to get some more clues and try to better understand the meaning of every single line. While these episodes should be able to be enjoyed on a superficial level, there needs to be a deeper subtext there. We like that there is something more that you can take away into either everything else you watch, or your day-to-day life.

Now, let’s turn this over to you. When do you want to see The Twilight Zone season 2 premiere on CBS all access? Be sure to share in the comments below, and we’ll have more news on the subject as soon as we hear it. (Photo: CBS All Access.)

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