Big Brother Canada renewed by Global for season 8

Big Brother Canada 6 castingNews doesn’t have to be altogether surprising to still be good news. With that in mind, we present the big reveal today that Big Brother Canada is officially coming back for a season 8 at Global.

In a new post on Twitter, host Arisa Cox made this announcement official via a video that it first seems as though she’s about to announce something terrible. After all, she really takes advantage of the moment (at first) to talk a lot about the show’s legacy, its run, and her gratitude to everyone out there who have been watching and supporting the production for years. It really has an ominous feel for a couple of seconds there, and then she reveals the great news that everybody has been waiting to hear. 

Hopefully, the renewal of Big Brother Canada works to silence people who proclaimed that last season, which was certainly controversial due to the Pretty Boys alliance, caused the ratings the tank out — basically meaning that the show would eventually be canceled. That’s something we kept hearing a lot during the season, but the actual reality was that the ratings for Big Brother Canada season 7 were actually quite strong. The past two seasons have been a nice recovery for the show, which was almost canceled following the fifth season a couple of years back. Consider this another reminder that there isn’t a big correlation between what makes a great season in the eyes of the internet and what makes a great one for casual viewers at home.

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While there are lower ratings expectations for this show than the American version that airs on CBS, there are still certain thresholds that need to be met. Beyond just ratings, Big Brother Canada is a complicated economy altogether when you think about some of the components that make it successful. The show does rely on ratings, but at the same time, it also needs website traffic, sponsorship agreements, and just being able to find challenges and other ideas that are reasonably low-cost to put together.

Ultimately, we feel like there are going to be more announcements about Big Brother Canada 8 and possible themes in the months to come, so we don’t really need to speculate on any of that too much right now. With that being said, can we go ahead and just say that they really don’t need returning players? As much fun as they can be here or there, we still prefer getting to see new players experience the house and the game for the first time. Also, we know with confidence that there are thousands of Canadians out there who would love to be a part of this show still. There’s no need to dip back into the well.

What do you think about Big Brother Canada being renewed for a season 8? What do you want to see next season? Be sure to share in the comments below. (Photo: Global.)

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