Lucifer season 5: The case for 13 episodes, if renewed

LuciferOf course, we’re waiting eagerly for news on a Lucifer season 5 renewal. We know that initial, non-official numbers suggested that things were looking good when it comes to the series’ popularity, and we certainly applaud Netflix for finding a way to get the word out on the show despite it premiering in a particularly difficult time.

We’ve already reported that there could be news on a season 5 at some point early next month — basically, a solid month or so following the show’s season 4 premiere. That gives Netflix a chance to check out all of the data, most notably the number of people who finished the ten episodes. For many diehards, we’re sure that they got through them within the first few days; for everyone else, it may have taken a little while longer.

We’re not going to spend too much time in this article going over whether or not there will be a season 5 renewal — we’ve already discussed that in many forms, including the video below! (After you check that out, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for some more updates and check out our playlist.)

The primary thing we’ve got rolling around the corners of our brain right now is this: The case for more than just ten episodes in a season 5. We know that we’re being a little bit greedy here, but hasn’t Lucifer Morningstar been there before? What’s wrong with a little bit more of something great?

Through the first few seasons of Lucifer, we were certainly used to getting more than 10 episodes, and while those episodes were all slightly shorter than the Netflix counterparts, it was still more total minutes of footage as a whole. Going from more than 20 episodes down to ten is a tough adjustment, especially when you’re missing out on a couple of the cool things along the way — think along the lines of the standalones.

Not everyone may like these hours, but we think there’s something magical about them. It’s basically an opportunity for a writer to take familiar characters and place them within a story with a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end. It’s something that can be placed almost anywhere within a season and it is told with a singular purpose: To just take you on a ride. That may include getting to know more about a single character like Ella, or to put these characters through a taxing challenge that could emotionally impact them later.

Ideally, the perfect Lucifer season 5 episode order is 13. Why that? We think it offers the show up a little more flexibility. You could create a standalone episode in the middle of the season and then (imagine this) perhaps some sort of holiday special, as well! Because of Netflix’s unique platform, you could film something and premiere it separate from the rest of the season, almost as a little tasty morsel for Halloween or the holiday season. There’s something magical about spending a holiday with many of your favorite characters, and it harkens back to traditions of old sitting at home and watching TV with your family.

Our solution

Thirteen episode equals 11 serialized episodes and a couple of standalones — basically, the best of both worlds. Could Netflix issue the order? It really comes down to what they want and what they think that their consumers want. Personally, we like to think that this is the right combination of Lucifer nostalgia and the show within its modern era.

When the renewal is announced (provided a renewal is announced), hopefully, some more news about the episode count will follow. If not … maybe we’ll just be so elated about getting more installments that we won’t really care all that much.

Do you want to see Lucifer season 5 run for more than 10 episodes? Then visit the comments and let us know! (Photo: Netflix.)

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