Lucifer season 5: When could we learn about renewal news?

LuciferWhen it comes to a Lucifer season 5, one thing seems to be pretty clear — the earlier that Netflix gives the show a green light, the better it ultimately is for just about everyone. Effectively, it means more time for the writers and producers to start to prepare for what’s coming, and what’s coming seems to be a heck of an effective season of TV. Think in terms of a lot of crazy drama that stems from (season 4 spoiler alert) Lucifer heading back to Hell alongside Chloe’s confession of love and acceptance of who he really is. There’s a LOT of story left to tell, and the great news is that season 4 may actually be one of the best-reviewed, most-popular seasons of the show as a whole.

Let’s just summarize it like this — while we’re not sure that every series under the sun benefits from heading to Netflix, we certainly think that Lucifer did. Its content is just a little bit more free, and the writers have opportunities now to make things even bigger, bolder, and crazier than ever before. It’s still the same show, but just with a few more risks thrown in there for good measure.

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Obviously, we want that renewal as soon as humanly possible, and based on early viewer metrics, we’re cautiously optimistic that it will happen. Netflix is somewhat of a mystery trapped within an enigma when it comes to their renewal practices (just ask some of the Marvel shows and Santa Clarita Diet about that), but more often than now, but even still it’s hard to imagine the service wanting only one season of Lucifer after they went through all of the trouble that they did in order to pick the series up in the first place.

So when should you expect some news? We’ll turn that over to executive producer Ildy Modrovich, who had the following to say via TVLine:

They’ll hopefully let us know within a month [by June 8]. That tends to be how they do things with first-season shows, that they will hopefully let everyone know within a month. The bingeing and all the fan support helps with that.

With longer shows (as in, shows that have been on Netflix exclusively a little longer than a year), Netflix does tend to take a little bit longer on their decisions. Yet, since this is the show’s first year and opportunity to be solely on the service, it makes sense for them to want to get the ball rolling early on getting more episodes together. This would also help to further ensure a similar timeline to what the show had for season 4. If you want the cast filming later this summer, you need to have all of the necessarily lead-up time for both writing and then also pre-production. A renewal by early June should help to make that possible.

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