Supernatural season 15 spoilers: Jensen Ackles on final-season story

Supernatural season 13 posterThere are several reasons to be excited for Supernatural season 15, but one of the primary ones has a thing to do with the basic story of it in the first place. Think about how season 14 ended! In the book of insanely crazy twists that the final season could’ve thrown at you, we gotta think that God opting to bring back the dead is pretty darn high up there. This was nuts in all the best ways, even if it does make people a little bit antsy about the idea of God basically treating much of his world as His playthings.

Now that God has basically given up on doing what he can for Sam and Dean in their world, all hell is (literally) breaking loose. This is the biggest challenge of Sam and Dean’s life in season 15. Not only are they going to have to battle some new monsters and characters, but also possibly ones that they’ve taken on many different times already. It’s possible that there could be some returning characters could arrive once more because of this twist, and that’s something that Jensen Ackles reaffirmed recently to TVLine:

“The fact that God just said, ‘Fine, open up the gates of Hell, open up the gates of Heaven. You guys figure it out,’ really tees us up to go anywhere … I also think it tees us up to have… a lot of familiar faces and favorite characters kind of come back into the fray. That’s kind of what I’m hoping for.”

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Should there be a laundry list of cameos?

Of course, we’d like to sit back and watch each episode looking for familiar faces left and right … but it’s also gotta come with a relative degree of moderation. You can’t just do a cameo for the sake of doing a cameo — you’ve gotta find a way to do it that makes a certain degree of sense. Given that there are a lot of different characters within this world who could come back, there is no shortage of possibilities.

Since there are a generous number of episodes in the final season, let’s just hope that the writers practice a good bit of patience here. Find a way to balance out the nostalgia with present-day excitement, new threats, and an endgame that makes a certain degree of sense. We figure that there’s going to be a lot of debate as to how Supernatural should end for the better part of the next few months, and we guarantee that no matter what’s decided, some people will be mad. That’s virtually the only constant out there.

If you missed it…

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