Is Chicago PD new tonight on NBC? The top season 7 priority

Chicago PD season 6Is Chicago PD new tonight on NBC? With the bloody, heart-stopping way that last night’s new episode concluded, we’re now at a place where we are very eager to see more of what’s coming up. We’re worried about certain characters … very worried. Think Antonio Dawson first and foremost. Newly-minted Mayor Kelton (or Mayor-Elect Kelton, if you will) is already dead. No reason to discuss him, not that he’s a popular character and viewers will miss him trying to shut down Intelligence.

Let’s get back to the primary question at the heart of the article: There is no Chicago PD episode on the air tonight. More than that, there’s not one next week, the week after, or the week after, or the … well, you get the drift. More than likely, you will see the new premiere come in late September/early October, and seconds after that, you’ll learn the fate of what happened to Antonio.

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So what could have happened to Jon Seda’s character? We know that he’s departing, so most of our story possibilities are framed within that particular lens.

1. Antonio is dead – There are two different ways to imagine that this happened. One possible theory here is that he has an overdose after all of the stress with Kelton and Ruzek taking the fall for something that he did himself. Another is that he went and killed Kelton himself and then takes his own life on the other side of it.

2. Antonio leaves Chicago – This is an easy one to think about — maybe he just feels like he needs a fresh start, but this feels somewhat implausible. Why? Antonio’s not the sort of guy to just run away from his problems, and if he was to ditch Ruzek and Voight at this point and do so willingly, don’t you think that there will be a LOT of super-angry people on the other side of it?

3. Antonio is arrested – This is an easy way to figure out how the character could be gone from the show. Maybe he goes and confesses to what happened with Rizzo, leaving Ruzek free but sentencing himself to a long time in jail and a long time away from his job. Because he’d be locked up, there is less of a reason for the series to really feature him in some sort of compelling way anymore.

So long as Seda’s exit is powerful (and we hope that there is at least one more appearance from him), we’ve got a feeling that it’s going to prove to be worthwhile. The writers gotta know just how much Antonio is valued as a part of One Chicago — he was an important part of this world before Chicago PD as a show technically even existed! Remember that and let’s hope that there is a way that Jon could come back for a little more story down the road.

If you missed it…

Check out the link here, since that is where you’re going to have a chance to see a full review for the season 6 finale.

What do you want to see on Chicago PD season 7 when it premieres, and how do you think that the writers are going to write out the Antonio character? Be sure to share now in the comments and check back soon for some other news. (Photo: NBC.)

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