Chicago PD season 6 finale review: Mayor Kelton’s woe; Antonio’s ‘exit’

Chicago Pd season 5 teaserEntering the Chicago PD season 6 finale, we knew already that Antonio Dawson was going to be departing the show. Because of that, the question that we had to wonder instead was simply this: How in the world it all went down. Beyond that, there were also questions about how in the world Intelligence was going to be able to take Kelton down, once and for all. As you would imagine, doing this was not the easiest thing in the world to do.

Kelton is like some sort of evil octopus — he’s got some of his tentacles everywhere. He’s got a crazy knack for being able to cause chaos in just about every direction … and also in every single way possible.

For Antonio Dawson, it was all about finding a way to get Internal Affairs completely off his and Ruzek’s back. As it turns out, the officer Antonio wanted dirt on had a daughter involved in some illicit stuff, and that put him in a difficult, compromising position — either he found a way to use this daughter as leverage, or he ran the risk of Ruzek going down for Rizzo’s murder earlier this season. Internal Affairs did know that there was evidence that didn’t point to him, but the problem is that they had no way to really prove it. What this finale did a great job at was establishing some fantastic, emotional stuff for Antonio and Ruzek — but also stakes that showed that even with a victory came other failures.

Ultimately, Voight and Intelligence found out during this episode that Kelton would be getting the win in the election, and apparently, Antonio didn’t want to use the daughter as a way to get out of the situation that he is in.

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Where was this story building?

One of the biggest moments of this episode was Voight telling Halstead that he was going to be visiting Kelton, and that he would someday lead Intelligence — if that happens, he better be prepared to do things the right way. Poor Jay was so confused about everything that was happening around him, mostly because he’s been outside of the loop for so long.

In Jay’s mind, he lost — yet, as Hailey Upton put it, Kelton’s reckoning would be coming — it may take some time, but they’ll get there. Ruzek found himself arrested by IAD as the story neared its end, with Platt trying to give him the last bit of advice before he turned in his gun and badge. In Adam’s mind, he did what had to be done — even though it wasn’t easy. Nothing in this finale was easy.

The episode ended tonight with Kelton giving a victory speech, one in which he claimed that “promise” was back in Chicago, even though that promise was clearly tainted. Voight knew that he was tainted and wanted to do everything that he could in order to bring him down … he just couldn’t yet.

Then, Antonio took a pill … and that’s all we saw of him before the closing seconds of the episode. Chicago PD got a call and, in the closing seconds of the episode, Burgess, Antonio, and Halstead walked in on Mayor Kelton’s body. Kelton was dead, and it certainly looks as though Voight may have killed him … may have.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was crazy. We don’t think the writers did enough to write off Antonio if this really was his end, since him going back to his addiction doesn’t equate to leaving. Yet, the Kelton cliffhanger should be enough to leave you wondering many things about the direction of the show, and the weight of this case, moving forward.

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