The Bachelorette episode 4 spoilers: Luke Parker, Hannah Brown conflict

Luke ParkerThe Bachelorette episode 4 is airing on ABC Monday night, and based on the extended preview that the network released (see below), there are going to be fireworks. For this particular occasion, though, they’re not all going to be the Super romantic kind.

Let’s now take a moment to talk a little bit about Luke P. This guy has clearly established himself to be the villain of this season already, mostly because of his instability more so than anything else. He’s a very interesting reality TV character, a guy who both projects extreme confidence and also insecurity at the same time. He can’t handle the fact that Hannah Brown seems to have feelings for other people within the house, and it’s causing him to act out and get overly emotional and angry at times. That’s going to continue, based on the previews that are out there. It seems like he’s going to get upset at some of the other guys, and it’s sort of a classic Bachelorette rule that if you can’t get along with the other guys, you’re probably not going to be picked at the very end. It is just such an enormous red flag and while this may be a competition, It doesn’t have to be the most aggressive competition of all time. There could be some civility in the midst of all of the chaos! That’s certainly okay.

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Of course, we do have to call out The Bachelorette to a certain extent on some weird editing tricks within this preview. They clearly want you to think that some guy is going to beat up another guy and get carted away in an ambulance — yet, it feels like 90% of the time that we see an ambulance on previews for the show it turns out the really be far less significant than it seems. It’s just the obvious sort of thing to throw in there to make you really worried, but if there was something really crazy and extreme happen, don’t you think we would have heard about it already? It’s all really Much Ado About Nothing, at least in that regard.

The more important thing as we look ahead to the future of this season as seeing whatever leads to Hannah’s emotional confrontation, which seems to happen near the very end of the season. We’ve already seen this tease in a couple of different forms already, but apparently someone is going to make Hannah so upset that she tears them a new one and makes them wonder why in the world they have such an entitled sense about them and are trying to tell her what she can and cannot do. It does seem, oddly, like her sex life has become an important subject of conversation at the end of the season, which we certainly did not expect. After all, after going through what we did with Colton, couldn’t we at least have a break at some point with this? No matter what happens, though, it does feel like Hannah is going to come across on the other side of it fairly likeable. That’s the way that she has been so far, and it’s really hard to imagine that changing all that much with the narrative this show is pushing.

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Where do you think the bachelorette is going to go moving into episode 4 Beyond? Do you think that would be is going to remain the big villain of this season? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for even more updates all about the show. (Photo: ABC.)

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