‘Two and a Half Men’ review: Alan and Walden get so much closer…

Last week when it came to “Two and a Half Men,” we said a few words that we never really expected to say following the exit of Charlie Sheen: the show was actually getting better. Now that Ashton Kutcher has been around for a while and the producers have finally stopped pretending that Jake should have a role in every episode, we really feel like the series is really starting to come into its own yet again.

With that in mind, we turn to what was a pretty dirty (and also pretty silly) episode that was really all about one thing: three people coming together in awkward, sweaty passion. It was also yet another way to show off Jon Cryer in a pair of white underwear. As a way to liven up his relationship with his current girlfriend, they decided that each of them would get involved in their own threesome. What was the twist? While Alan preferred to include an anonymous woman in his, Lyndsay wanted someone who she has seen quite a bit of as of late: Walden. This led to the most awkward scene quite possibly in the show’s history, as he ended up licking his girlfriend’s back while she was making out with the man who ended up purchasing Charlie’s house.

Since the theme of this show seems to sometimes be “Alan never wins,” it should not come as too great of a shock to anyone that he really did not end up getting what he wanted out of this. Instead, we ended up seeing the girl he brought home hook up with Walden, which led him to doing more of the same. It’s still hard to really feel sorry for Alan given that he is the ultimate freeloader, but what we’re really more happy about than anything is merely that this episode made us laugh as much as it did.

What did you think about this episode?

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