Britain’s Got Talent lineup: Giorgia Borg, 4MG, Faith Tucker, & more

Alesha Dixon Golden BuzzerTonight, the second performance show is going to be here for this Britain’s Got Talent season, and what we’ve got here is one of the more interesting rosters that we’ve had a chance to see. How much so? Well, let’s just say that this is clearly going to be all about singers versus magicians and who is going to be more embraced.

No matter who wins or who falls apart, we’re going to be back tonight with more discussion! Check back during the installment for our reaction to all of these people, and be sure to also check out our video below for more. If you enjoy this, remember to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more updates. We’ve also got a full playlist for even more news on the series.

8. State of the Fart – What do we really need to say about this guy? He came, he, farted, he conquered … can everyone else go ahead and move on now? Is that okay?

7. The Queen – There’s really not too much to talk about here, mostly because we’re looking at an act that exists only for the sake of her being able to be a sassy version of the Monarch. We’ve already seen a number of acts like this over the years so this is hardly something that is altogether interesting.

6. Siobhan Phillips – She’s a fun singer, at least in that she sings from a fairly-relatable place to a lot of different viewers who are out there. She does need to step things up from the first time she performed since what was great about so much of that was the element of surprise and the huge role that it played in more or less everything that she was doing.

5. Vardanyan Brothers – These guys are fantastic at what they do — delivering some insane, dramatic stunts that keep your hair standing on end. Yet, we’re already wondered about their long-term success after Rosie and Adam were snubbed the way that they were on this past installment.

4. Matt Stirling – The dude is a magician who looks like a pro wrestler. He can actually do some really cool, physical stunts because of it. He’s got an ability and skill set that easily makes him stand out, even with magic acts being fairly commonplace on Britain’s Got Talent these days.

3. Faith Tucker – She’s got that great operatic voice, and really, you can’t ever rule out someone who sings the way that she does. The only thing that she has to worry about is being featured on a show with another popular young singer.

2. 4MG – When it comes to these guys, it’s just so easy to look at them and automatically assume that they are going to be enormously successful. They’re that right combination of performers who are very much skilled and also have multi-generational appeal. Both young and old people are going to have an opportunity to go on board with them.

1. Giorgia Borg – She’s automatically a contender to win the final just based on some of what we’ve seen from her so far. She’s incredibly talented and she’s just got a natural stage presence — even after just one episode, she’s already been incredibly memorable.

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