Poll: Did Chicago Med, Supernatural, Station 19 characters have saddest exit?

FinaleWe’ve now made it through the entirety of finale season, and odds are, many of you are feeling sad about something. It’s hard not to when you consider that this of the year is when we have a tendency to see characters depart. Sometimes, they leave under their own accord; on other occasions, they’re killed off. There are often many reasons for these exits, but in the end, the result is the same — they aren’t around anymore.

So which exit from this past season was the most heartbreaking/ This is a subject that we break down further in the new article below! To go along with this, we have a poll at the bottom of this article for you to pick your most devastating departure. This poll is open until Saturday, June 1 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time, so until then, be sure to come back and continue making your voice heard!

Antonio Dawson, Chicago PD – This exit stings for a number of different reasons. For starters, there was no real way that the character was fully written out and because of that, we’ve been left, waiting in the lurch and hoping that there is more insight that will be handed out soon. That’s without even acknowledging how heartbreaking it was to lose Antonio in the way in which we did, with the character giving into his addiction.

Ava Bekker, Chicago Med – Apparently, she’s leaving a murderer, at least if the hints turn out to be true that she killed Connor’s father in order to ensure that the two of them could properly be together. We don’t have to tell you precisely how messed-up all of this is, but it does seem at the moment to be where we are with this character … who may never turn up again.

Connor Rhodes, Chicago Med – This exit stinks since like Ava and Antonio, there is no firm conclusion to the character’s story. We know that Connor is still alive, so our feeling is that he must depart off somewhere that will allow him to get a fresh start and avoid a lot of the craziness that has plagued him for most of the past year or so.

Jack, Supernatural – Is it possible that he is still around and can return from The Empty? You can’t completely rule that out, but for now, we do have to take what happened to him in the finale with a certain degree of seriousness. Consider this what happens when God takes matters into his own hand.

Jeff Kingsley, Empire – To think, all this character really wanted was love and it would’ve been rather interesting to see precisely what would’ve happened in the event that he actually had an opportunity to experience some of that. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and because of that, his pain and his rage were a driving force leading to him ultimately being in the coffin.

Lucas Ripley, Station 19 – One of the most heartbreaking deaths of the whole season, largely because the Ripley / Vic love story brought so much to the table. They had such a star-crossed lovers feel to him, with them coming from different backgrounds and overcoming so much. Unfortunately, it ends with Vic in mourning.

Nora West-Allen, The Flash – Because of alterations in the timeline, ones that Nora was involved in, she ended up disappearing forever — at least in her current form. We’re still not 100% sold that she is gone forever, as Jessica Parker Kennedy could return in a different form.

Zari Tomaz, Legends of Tomorrow – Meanwhile, you can argue something very similar here — maybe there is a way for a different iteration of Zari to return. We at least know that Tala Ashe is going to be back, but for now, the version we knew and cared about was gone because of (once again) changes to the future.

Now, let’s turn this over to you…

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