Animal Kingdom season 4 theories: Who could die?

Animal Kingdom season 3We’re gearing up once again for Animal Kingdom season 4 to premiere on TNT Tuesday night and within the scope of this article, we’re focusing on death. Morbid, no?

While this certainly may not be the happiest idea in the world to think about, there is a method to our madness here as we ponder over the issue of precisely who could die over the course of this season. Last year, we certainly saw this with Baz — anyone can go, and there are going to be more people who do. It’s mostly a question of 1) who could die and then 2) how could they die. How will this show find a way to build continuously on all of the great stuff that they have so far?

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Without further ado, let’s get to some of the candidates and people who you probably should be worried about to a certain degree.

Mia – Anyone who gets too close to this family stands to run the risk of falling, and that’s especially true at the moment with J. He’s a guy who tends to court danger and while Mia is tough, we could foresee her being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Frankie – How much is Craig really benefiting from her presence? Maybe to a certain extent; what we’re worried about for her is that some of the other Cody boys are going to catch on to her potentially using Craig and, because of that, she could find herself in some trouble.

Deran – At some point, we’re going to see a character die who probably doesn’t deserve it and, while we don’t think that he is a saint by any means, he’s a guy who isn’t doing the same exact sort of stuff that J is. Is it possible that some of J’s actions could lead to him having his life on the line? We gotta admit that we’re a little bit worried about the subject?

– He’s going into such a deep, dark place that it’s not altogether difficult to imagine him being in a position where he ends up getting himself hurt or even worse. We do think there’s a good chance that he could die by the end of the series … but it almost feels too early right now.

Smurf – Ultimately, we do feel largely the same way about Ellen Barkin’s character. We know that she’s smart, conniving, and capable of all sorts of carnage. We just don’t think it would be altogether worthwhile to eradicate this character from the world when there’s still a lot more in the way of story to tell.

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Who do you think we could lose over the course of Animal Kingdom season 4? Be sure to share right now in the comments, and check back soon for more news. (Photo: TNT.)

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