The Orville season 3: Should there be a new Big Bad?

OrvilleAs you probably know if you’re reading this article, you’re going to be waiting for a long time in order to see The Orville season 3. How long? Think in terms of early 2020, at the very earliest. It could be much later than that, when you consider the lengthy post-production process that is required to make this show as fantastic as humanly possible.

For the sake of this article, we’re going to tide ourselves over for more episodes by speculating on a subject that we consider to be quite important: The idea of finding a great Big Bad. Or, to be more specific, the right Big Bad. Who can the producers of The Orville bring in who would be a fitting adversary for the show as it exists now? Is there a way to shake things up and allow us to see something — or someone — a little bit different? Within this piece, let’s speculate a little further on that idea.

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The Krill – Obviously, there’s a lot of pent-up animosities here and even when it seems as though there’s an alliance, it’s likely to be temporary at best when there are so many discernible reasons why it could crumble in the blink of an eye. It’s easy to foresee the show making a turn in which Ed or another crew member accidentally upsets members of the Krill and with that, puts most of the universe’s future into a real state of peril. We’re hoping that this doesn’t happen and there could be a tenuous alliance as you start to move towards the future, but nothing feels altogether guaranteed in a world where there is still a certain degree of fluidity to the proceedings.

The Kaylon – This is obviously one of the easiest options to lean towards, mostly because they’ve already established themselves as 1) incredibly organized and 2) incredibly dangerous. We’ve gotten a great sense now of some of what they can do, for better or for worse, and there’s a lot of creative juice that could come from seeing the Kaylon continue to be these nefarious foes that Ed and the rest of the crew have to battle. The longer that The Orville can perpetuate some of these battles and craft some interesting showdowns, the better off we’re all probably going to be.

Someone human – There is something to us that is very appealing about a dangerous traitor to humanity, someone who the crew of the Orville can relate to on some level but also some morally very different. We understand the appeal of introducing new alien races and having them be the central adversary, but it would be rather fun getting to explore the idea of having a human big bad thrown in here for the team to interact with.

A new alien race – This is mostly appealing just because of the opportunity it would present for the writers, the costume designers, and the makeup/prosthetic people. While they’d have to work overtime in order to make them look and feel different than any other characters we’ve seen so far, no doubt it could be interesting to explore these characters in a different environment.

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